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Flight Software Engineer

$100 - $180
Huntington Beach, CA, US
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Jose Acain
Jose Acain

About the role

At AstroForge, our mission is to expand humanity’s capabilities to utilize the untapped resources in space. As a Flight Software Engineer, you will collaborate across engineering disciplines to create solutions in support of creating the first successful asteroid mining vehicle. You will be designing, developing, and testing platform and application software that operates safety critical logic, sensors, and control, guidance, and navigation systems. The ideal candidate excels at working in a multidisciplinary, fast-paced environment.

Flight Software Engineer: AstroForge's software team is small and ambitious. We are looking for a Flight Software Engineer to help us build out flight software for our upcoming missions. From deeply embedded drivers to high-performance simulations, you will work on every part of the stack. As an early member of the team, you will be given tremendous latitude to influence the design of our missions. If you love solving a variety of complex challenges this job is for you.

Responsibilities: Architect and design software running in deep space. Write low-level drivers for sensors and other peripherals. Work with the GNC (Guidance, Navigation, and Control) on the safe implementation of control systems and computer vision algorithms. Develop real-time image generation software to test CV systems. Develop ground software to ensure a successful mission. Wrangling device trees and other embedded Linux tasks.

Qualifications: Systems Software Background: Systems software is an amorphous term, but we want people with experience building reliable complex systems such as safety-critical embedded applications, databases, game engines, kernels, or anything else. Experience in Rust or C++ is required. This job will primarily be in Rust, but we are comfortable with you learning that on the job if you are not already skilled. At least a bachelor's degree in a related field: Computer Science, Math, Physics, Engineering (any kind), etc. Flexibility and ambition: We are looking for candidates who are hungry to solve complex problems and won't be troubled when requirements change.

Preferred Skills: Math and Physics literacy. Aerospace experience Experience reading PCB schematics and component data-sheets. Nix: We use Nix as our build system for our embedded Linux OS. If you are a Nix fan we would love to talk to you

About AstroForge

AstroForge is a deep space asteroid mining company based in Huntington Beach, California. The company was founded by Matt Gialich and Jose Acain, who have over a decade of experience working in aerospace at NASA, SpaceX, and Virgin Orbit. AstroForge plans to tap into the unlimited amount of resources that exist in space utilizing our small exploration and mining satellites capable of recovering large amounts of rare earth metals per mission.

Team Size:10
Location:Huntington Beach, CA
Jose Acain
Jose Acain
Matt Gialich
Matt Gialich