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Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Michael Ivkov

About the role

What you'll do

  • Have a huge impact on which products and features we build
  • Help shape our technical architecture, processes, stack, and culture
  • Take ownership of engineering and product goals end-to-end
  • Interface with customers to learn and communicate their needs

Technical background

  • Strong sense of ownership and the ability to independently make good decisions for users and the business
  • Extensive (4+ years) production-level experience with JavaScript in one of the major frameworks (Vue.js, React, Angular)
  • Extensive full stack experience (GraphQL)
  • IaaS experience in Terraform, Serverless, or CloudFormation
  • Interest to learn and do some data engineering + data science work - in scaling / deploying pipelines and basic machine learning models

Suggested Background

  • A desire to be part of an early stage startup and wear multiple hats
  • Excited about esports, gaming, and data, or curious to learn
  • It's great to have attention to detail and high-quality, but know how to balance that with speed given we're a startup
  • A sense of humor (startups should be fun) as well as gravitas (startups are serious; money and livelihoods are on the line)

Challenges we're tackling

  • UX & Education: we want to build an amazing experience with a powerful and beautiful interface for our users. Many of our users are used to affiliate marketing, and love watching gaming content, but they aren't sure what metrics to drive their decisions with. Our customers feel empowered by the insights we provide - how can we build powerful features that enable users to get decision-driving insights fast, while making the process fun?
  • Scalability: our brand users query and analyze data served their creators of choice, and creators check their "Athlane Scores" daily, so our frontend and backend systems need to be performant and reliable to support these workflows.
  • Team agility: as an early-stage startup, especially one in a constantly changing ecosystem like gaming, we strive to balance product excellence with agility while maintaining rapid communications with our customers. It's hard but always rewarding!

Our Tech Stack!


  • Vue application written in JavaScript and a bit of TypeScript
  • Apollo to fetch data from our GraphQL API
  • Tailwind CSS


  • Serverless functions with Serverless framework on AWS Lambda
  • GraphQL API with Hasura
  • PostgreSQL for our primary data store
  • AWS step functions for ETL into AWS S3
  • Snowflake for data warehousing
  • Terraform for infrastructure as code


  • We love rapid feature development and give developers ownership over their code
  • GitHub pull requests/code reviews
  • Quick daily synchronous product meetings to demo progress and get rapid feedback from your peers

Why you should join Athlane

Athlane is where creators connect with brands. We are on a mission to help streamers make gaming their career, empowering them with sponsorship opportunities from an ecosystem of top brands. Creators of all shapes and sizes use Athlane to help them grow and run their streaming business. The product is loved by marketing teams from top companies who use our platform to build communities of creators and authentically connect with their fans at scale.

We are a well-capitalized Y-Combinator company backed by investors like Y Combinator, streamers like Ninja, traditional sports owners of teams like the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox, and seasoned founders & execs of businesses including MongoDB, DoubleClick, Business Insider, and IMG.

We are product-obsessed gamers who love building and shipping high-impact features. If empowering creators to make gaming their career excites you, we want to hear from you! 🚀