All-in-one customer support platform built for product insights

Senior Demand Generation Manager -- Global

$48K - $60K
Job Type
3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Jon O'Bryan
Jon O'Bryan

About the role

Atlas is an all-in-one customer support platform that helps companies improve the quality of their customer support. We help support teams respond faster and more satisfactorily by bringing together customer communications, product events, and static information into a single customer timeline view.

Our mission is to transform customer support from a cost center into an engine for product innovation.

We’re backed by some incredible founders and investors, including YCombinator, Soma Capital, Palm Drive Capital, Parker Conrad (CEO, Rippling), Jack Altman (CEO, Lattice), Austen Allred (CEO, BloomTech), Arash Ferdowsi (Cofounder, Dropbox), Jamie Quint (Fmr. Head of Growth, Notion, reddit), and Abhijeet Dwivedi (CEO, ZeroDown)

We’re looking for an experienced, scrappy, driven demand gen marketer to help us 10x the top of our sales funnel. You’ll have a lot of opportunity to create the growth team and processes in this role and will work very closely with our cofounders. You should be someone who moves quickly and is constantly finding ways to improve themself and the team they’re on.

🏆 Responsibilities

  • help develop and execute on our growth roadmap
  • manage our outbound demand generation efforts
    • source leads
    • manage enrichment efforts
    • manage outbound email efforts
    • maintain deliverability across outbound channels
  • manage our inbound demand generation efforts
    • manage paid channel marketing
    • content generation for our blog
    • content generation for our social channels
  • rapidly iterate making data driven decisions
    • design and execute experiments
    • track performance of all inbound and outbound efforts

🤔 Experience

  • ideally, has worked at a startup from early to mid stage and has seen the demand gen team go from inception or very early stage to fully functioning; alternatively, has been a part of a team in the marketing org from inception
  • has experience meaningfully growing sales pipeline
  • knows the marketing tech stack to get off the ground
  • has worked with creative freelancers to assist in content creation
  • has intuition and experience tracking campaign performance and planning for overall budget
  • has experience experimenting with campaigns, channels, and creative in rapid iterations and making data-driven decisions

🎁 Benefits

  • you’ll have a high impact on the direction and outcome of Atlas
  • work with a driven, highly skilled team where you can learn and improve your own skills rapidly
  • flexible work hours; we’re focused on outcomes rather than inputs
  • remote work; work from anywhere you’d like

About the interview

  • intro call — 30 mins with CEO (Jon) to discuss your background and experience
  • working call — 60 mins with cofounders (Jon and Rahul) to discuss how you think about growth, specifically at a B2B SaaS startup
  • homework project — 60 mins whenever you’d like, essentially thinking through your biggest areas of impact and how you would want to structure growth at Atlas
  • review project — 30 mins (Jon and Rahul) to discuss the homework project you put together

About Atlas

Atlas is building customer support software that brings all relevant customer info into a single location to enable faster, more effective customer support. Our mission is to transform customer support from a cost center into an engine of product innovation.

We’re a remote first team of seasoned engineers, product builders, and serial entrepreneurs. If you are relentless, smart, humble, and solution-oriented, we’d love to hear from you!

Team Size:5
Location:Dublin, CA
Rahul Asati
Rahul Asati
Jon O'Bryan
Jon O'Bryan