Helping 15-30 year olds control technology addictions

Lead Software Engineer

$50k - $60k
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6+ years
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Tejas Bala
Tejas Bala

About the role

Experience & skills:

• 5 - 8 years of experience as a backend engineer. • Experience in managing the backend of a product at scale. You can also apply in case you are good in other languages • Expertise in designing backend systems with an eye on efficiency, scalability, and security. • In addition to being good in backend technologies, a good knowledge of using AWS tools to set up, scale, and monitor servers will be an added advantage. • Basic knowledge of DevOps is preferred.


• Design and maintain all the backend systems to work optimally at scale. • Act as a technical lead on projects by planning, estimating timelines, and helping junior engineers complete their development on time. • In addition, be open to acting as a hands-on coder when needed. • Motivate and mentor junior engineers in the team to build a high-quality product. • Set up processes to ensure that the codebase is well structured. These processes can include peer reviews, code reviews by you (or other senior people). • Work towards systematically reducing technical debt with time. • Come up with technical solutions to deliver high-performing and scalable solutions to user's problems. • Be open to working on MVPs on multiple platforms to test potential markets. • Ask questions that expose flaws and gaps, while keeping an eye on the broader context.

Soft Requirements

• Ability to ship things fast: The most important thing for us is getting products in front of users quickly. • Self-driven nature: You will be the sole member of a project in most cases. So, you will need to drive the product here. • Quick learner: We are quite agile in adding features and technologies. You will need to keep pace. • Attention to detail: We are not a large organization with redundant documentation. So, you must understand the requirements quickly. • Independence of thought, and clarity of mind: Employees who have been associated with us for the longest time are ones who challenged our status quo and proved us wrong. We love such people.

About the company

• Atmana helps 15–30-year-olds control technology addictions like excessive use of smartphones, social media, gaming, pornography, etc. • We are operating profitably and have over 10,000 paying customers from countries like the US, Canada, UK, Germany, etc. • We are part of Y Combinator's program, which is the world’s leading accelerator program for start-ups. Many outstanding companies like Stripe, Coinbase, Airbnb, Razor pay, Meesho, Clear tax, etc. have also been part of the same program • We have recently closed our seed round of funding with $500K raised (Tech in Asia - Connecting Asia's start-up ecosystem)

You should consider joining Atmana if:

• You are looking for immense growth and learning in a short amount of time and you do not shy away from challenging work and responsibilities. • You believe in completing projects, getting things done. You do not get bogged by lack of experience/skills and just focus on doing and learning along the way. • You obsess over providing the best user experience while building products. • You like a culture where hierarchy is minimal and open communication and healthy arguments are encouraged. • You like producing new ways of doing things (innovation) and hate doing the exact same things day in and day out.

Why you should join Atmana

At Atmana, we help millennials cut down on technology addictions like gaming, pornography and social media. We charge users $90 per year for our solution consisting of blocking and techniques used in treating in alcohol and drug addiction like peer support groups, buddy program and psycho education.

Our first product- BlockerX, helps millennials cut down on compulsive watching of pornography.

Team Size:14
Location:Bengaluru, India
Tejas Bala
Tejas Bala