Modern law firm for startups powered by proprietary technology

Atrium is a new kind of law firm. We serve the startup community in ways our clients want to be served. We are organized like a modern business. We incentivize our team’s creativity and productivity through good management, not the billable hour. We build software to drive efficiency and transparency in our work. We achieve these differences through a technology and operations platform called Atrium LTS, which we co-founded with leading serial entrepreneurs and software developers who share our vision to fix the corporate legal practice. Please find open jobs here: https://www.atrium.co/careers/

Justin Kan, CEO

Justin Kan is the CEO and co-founder of Atrium, a technology company and corporate law firm providing fast, transparent, and price-predictable business and legal services to startups. As a founder of multiple companies and an investor in hundreds more, Justin involuntarily became a power user of corporate legal services. Prior to Atrium, Justin was Founder of Twitch, Exec and Justin.tv.

Justin Kan