An open source, fine-grained permissions database

Developer Community Manager

$150K - $200K
Remote (US)
Job Type
3+ years
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Jake Moshenko
Jake Moshenko

About the role

About AuthZed

We’re pioneering open-source authorization solutions for scaling businesses tackling complex end-user permissions in zero-trust architectures. Our focus is on providing the most feature-complete authorization software, SpiceDB, and enabling global production deployments with single and multi-tenant as-a-service products, SpiceDB Cloud and SpiceDB Dedicated.

We decided early on to protect employee equity and raise strategically; this allowed us to effectively deploy our $3.9M seed capital to build the most mature project in our space, garner credibility, and grow our open-source community. Now, with increasing user interest in commercial products supporting the deployment of SpiceDB, we’re ramping up the revenue organization to handle scale.

AuthZed is a fully remote company with employees across the US and Europe. We’re a hardworking group with a software-driven culture; even sales folks know how to code! We bring integrity to all our interactions and trust each other to make the right decisions.

We value:

  • Agency - we have the autonomy and resources needed to succeed.
  • Collaboration - we help each other tackle complex problems.
  • Open-Mindedness - we leave biases out of our ideas and thoughtfully consider challenges to them via alternate perspectives and solutions.
  • Diversity - we’re not interested in echo chambers.

If you’re a passionate, self-motivated, and ambitious individual who is excited about creating something from the ground up - we’d love to speak with you!

The Role

We’re hiring for someone to build and manage our growing developer community and spearhead developer advocacy. You wouldn’t be starting from scratch! We’ve got an active Discord, a strong Twitter following, and broad engagement through our open-source projects. You would be responsible for building out the existing channels and adding new ones.


  • Develop and execute community engagement strategies to increase the participation and contribution of community members.
  • Foster a positive and inclusive community culture, promote collaboration and teamwork and encourage community members to contribute to the project.
  • Respond to community inquiries and provide support to community members.
  • Manage social media and online communication channels, including forums, blogs, and email newsletters.
  • Organize and manage online events, including webinars, online meetups, and other community events.
  • Organize and manage in-person events.
  • Collaborate with the development team to ensure that community feedback is incorporated into product development plans.
  • Write and edit content for community-facing communications, such as blog posts, articles, and case studies.
  • Analyze community metrics and feedback to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for enhancing the community experience.
  • Represent the company and the project at industry events and conferences.


  • Background in software engineering and the thought of solving complex distributed systems problems excite you!
  • You watch this: Jake Moshenko on Zanzibar and think "hey - that's neat!"
  • Knowledge of open-source software development practices and processes.
  • Proven experience as a community manager for an open-source project or developer tooling company.
  • You have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with community members.
  • Experience with social media management and online community engagement.
  • Ability to organize and manage online events.
  • Experience with community metrics analysis and feedback management.


  • Salary + Equity

Why you should join authzed

At Authzed, we’re solving application permissions. We’re building a highly available, highly reliable, multi-tenant permissions system as a service which is deployed globally. Modeled after Google’s Zanzibar, our core open-source component SpiceDB is revolutionizing the way developers build powerful, flexible permissions into any application. With our founding team formerly of Red Hat and CoreOS, open-source is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our company.

Team Size:9
Location:New York
Jake Moshenko
Jake Moshenko
Joseph Schorr
Joseph Schorr
Jimmy Zelinskie
Jimmy Zelinskie