AI enabled RPA using ChatGPT and computer vision

Senior Founding Engineer 🛠️

$165K - $185K / 0.50% - 1.50%
San Francisco, CA, US
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6+ years
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Lucas Ochoa
Lucas Ochoa

About the role

About Automat:

Automat is an generative AI software company focused on creating cutting-edge workflow automation. Specifically we do Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions using GPT-4 and computer vision. Our intelligent bots run in the cloud and parse the software they’re on to take action.

We are seeking a Founding engineer to join our team - someone who’s excited to have founder level input into the engineering of the company. We have two major areas of development - implementing automations for customers, and creating our internal automation builder tool.


  • Implement customer solutions
  • Build out of core tech & infrastructure


  • bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent practical experience.
  • 5-7 years of expertise with coding or machine learning
  • Experience prototyping with an iterative design methodology.
  • Experience in multiple languages (e.g. Typescript, HTML5, Python, C++, NodeJS)
  • A strong point of view when it comes to system architecture and the web design of our automation platform.
  • Experience executing and guiding nimble engineering teams to quickly implement your architecture ideas.
  • The ability to take a project from idea, to prototype, and then to production.

Preferred Qualification:

  • Industry standard UX / UI best practices
  • Knowledge of Google Cloud
  • Knowing how to make a good UX for apps that are built with generative AI with attention to:
  • creating the correct prompts
  • using retrieval augmentation where necessary
  • Leveraging multi-step prompts and iterative refinement on prompts
  • An eye on where tooling is going and where we can improve
  • An interest in hacking, experimental UI, and generally building things that haven't been done before leveraging generative AI
  • Ability to take initiative with a concentration in new tech, be it open source or created internally

About the Job:

We are building a general automation platform that leverages the power of generative AI to make it cheaper, faster to setup, and more scaleable than ever before. Come help lead our software team, building novel automations and build a unified architecture as we scale from the seed stage to series A and beyond.

We work largely on the web, and your familiarity with web technologies is a given. Standing up an api server and deploying it is something you could do in your sleep, and you haven't been conscious while writing a POST request since 2019.

We often have to go from an idea from ourselves or our customers, to a working feature within days or weeks. You are someone who welcomes new challenges and can figure out where to best apply existing technology and how we can hack our way to a working prototype quickly. From there, we need to be able to take those prototypes to production with diligence and speed.

About the interview

The interview process is a deeper dive into technical abilities, product thinking and overall fit. For the “fit” portion, we are again looking for ownership and autonomy, but we also dig deeper into communication. This is evaluated throughout the process -- in how you communicate your approach, solutions and overall thinking.

  1. Initial meeting - Get to know Lucas. Chat about Automat & any relevant experience you might have.

  2. Talk Tech with Gautam - Chat about some of your previous work, experiences, and skill with Gautam

  3. Gautam + Lucas closing interview. We'll be able to make a decision fairly quickly. If you're open to the idea we'd also consider doing a 1-2 week paid work trial to see if it's a good fit.

About Automat

Automat is the fastest and most affordable way to create automations. We're enabling Robotic Process Automation for Chrome using ChatGPT and Computer Vision

Team Size:
Location:San Francisco
Gautam Bose
Gautam Bose
Lucas Ochoa
Lucas Ochoa