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Alex Barlow
Alex Barlow

About the role

Axiom is no-code browser automation (RPA). Our product lets anyone build browser bots.

Some bots can be built in 5 minutes by anyone. Some bots can be very complex, particularly when an essential business process is built on axiom.

We're looking for someone to work in technical customer support, helping customers build complex bots, or guiding them on the simple bots.

You should either be a coder, or have experience using no-code tools like Zapier, Airtable, Bubble, Webflow or even intricate spreadsheets.

What's the most complex problem you've solved with creative use of simple tools? If you've built a crazy contraption that worked well, we'd love to hear from you!

We will train you on browser automation, and even JavaScript, if you're motivated and technically capable.

If you have experience using browser automation tools like Selenium, iMacros, UiPath or similar, this is an advantage, but not required.

Your communication and interpersonal skills are equally important. You need to enjoy talking to customers and solving their problems.

This is not a dull customer support job. You will spend most of your time building things and solving technical problems with creative thinking.

Why you should join

Axiom is no-code browser automation. We enable non-coders to automate repetitive work, and new businesses to be built on top of websites that can't currently be automated.

Where tools like Zapier automate with APIs, Axiom automates using the User Interface (UI) of web applications. Automation that acts on keyboard and mouse input to the UI, is known as Robotic Process Automation, or RPA.

RPA has been hugely successful on Enterprise desktops, with developer tools like UiPath valued at $33 billion.

Axiom brings RPA to every business, in the browser. We're backed by Y Combinator and SAP, we're well-funded and we're on a path to be the market leader in browser automation.

Our product is used by 1000s of people across 112 countries, it's the top-rated product for browser automation on the chrome store, and our next major update will push us even farther ahead of competition. These are exciting times of growth.

Our customers are spread across the world, and we're building a remote-first company open to job-applicants from anywhere. We've built and scaled companies across countries before - we prioritise flexible working, emphasise work/life balance, and really value long-term employee retention.