Banner is the Operating System for Commercial Real Estate teams

Full-Stack Software Engineer

$150 - $170 / 0.50% - 0.70%
Job Type
3+ years
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Kunal Chaudhary
Kunal Chaudhary

About the role

Change how America builds buildings and help resolve the housing crisis.

Banner is transforming the way America’s buildings are developed and improved.

The Real Estate industry is largely stuck in the past technologically. Commercial real estate owners and developers are still using Excel, shared folders, and email to track and manage hundreds of billions in annual spending.

Banner builds financial and project management software that allows owners to easily track development costs, timelines, spending, and much more. Today our customers track everything from small unit renovations to large sky scraper construction projects in our system.

Our Stack: MongoDB, Node, React

We are looking for an experienced engineer that can implement a full feature, end-to-end (frontend, backend, schema changes). You'll be in charge of full features from day 1.

In this role you'll be building client facing features that you'll get direct feedback on after you ship.

We appreciate experience with automated testing suites and code optimization.

You'll help shape:

Our future company culture Our engineering practices People that we hire The direction & focus of our products

About the interview

Round 1: Phone Screen with Co-Founder/CTO

  • During this step, we're focused on seeing if you have the relevant experience to do the job. We'll ask you about your past experiences, and your understanding of the role.

Round 2: Phone Screen with Lead Engineer

  • This is more of a culture fit, to see if members of our team would enjoy working with you.

Round 3: Systems interview

  • We'll provide you a feature scenario and you'll be responsible for walking us through schema modifications you'd make in order to fulfill the feature requirements.

Round 4: 1-2 hour coding challenge

  • This will be pair programming while you solve an issue within our codebase.

Why you should join Banner

Banner is the operating system for real estate teams. From building acquisition to disposition, Banner moves all communications, workflows, spreadsheets, and file-sharing into one system. With Banner, customers automate away 80%+ of their administrative work, saving up to 10% on project costs. The company is founded by Mark Murphy who formerly worked in RE finance, along with Kunal Chaudhary and Eric Gao, both UC Berkeley EECS alums.

Team Size:13
Location:San Francisco
Kunal Chaudhary
Kunal Chaudhary
Eric Gao
Eric Gao
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy