Zapier for Data Science

Full-stack Developer at Basis

$80k - $160k / 0.50% - 2.50%
San Francisco, CA / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley

About the role

What working with us is like

We're currently a remote team with a HQ in San Francisco and a small team throughout the world. We will always have a remote culture and will hire talented people regardless of location, but we prefer candidates in the SF Bay Area or willing to relocate.

What we're looking for

  • A product minded engineer, capable of traversing our entire stack (Django + React) and making meaningful contributions
  • A knack for good architectural decisions learned from past experience
  • 3+ years of professional experience, ideally in a role that required a full-stack mentality (eg first eng hire, tech lead at series A-B company) or a portfolio of self-directed project work

Your responsibilities

  • Take full ownership of our web app development — build the slickest experience to do data — ever
  • Help us get our product to a major milestone where customers can self-serve
  • Work closely with the founding team to establish the product and technical roadmap
  • Talk to customers and work with design+product to solve challenging UI+UX problems
  • Build a product foundation that will scale to hundreds then thousands of users and more
  • Work with product+growth to design and implement product growth loops that help Basis reach viral scale
  • Be a founding member of Basis, help design our culture, contribute to our blog about challenging problems you're solving or anything you find interesting

What we can offer

  • As an early hire, a substantial equity package
  • An opportunity to move into a management position and scale yourself or continue to contribute through writing code (if desired)
  • Competitive cash pay
  • All of the standard benefits

Why you should join Basis

Basis is a platform for building end-to-end data pipelines ridiculously fast — everything from ingestion to ETL, machine learning, automation, and reverse ETL in a unified framework with no data engineering required.

Data tools on the market today are all about managing your data as exhaust. We're building Basis for a new era where businesses use data as fuel for their operations — embracing both analytical and operational paradigms in a single product.

Nearly all companies today operate on the same SaaS platforms with common schemas, and are trying to solve the same data problems — we're uniquely positioned to win in a new market of cloneable end-to-end data solutions!

We're industry veterans who have built production data solutions at Google, Square, and our previous startups, and we're going after the +$100B business automation market with a data-driven, API-first product that gives data developers superpowers.