Zapier for Data Science

Data Engineer at Basis

$80k - $160k / 0.50% - 2.50%
San Francisco, CA / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley

About the role

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What working with us is like

We're currently a remote team with a HQ in San Francisco and a small team throughout the world. We will always have a remote culture and will hire talented people regardless of location, but we prefer candidates in the SF Bay Area or willing to relocate.

What we're looking for

  • Experience implementing and scaling production data systems
  • Expert with databases, cloud infra, ML infra
  • Experience with the vendor landscape (postgres, redshift, snowflake)
  • A knack for good architectural decisions learned from past experience

Your responsibilities

  • Build yourself — and every data engineer — out of a job
  • Take full ownership of our data infrastructure. This year we'll have hundreds of companies running their data systems through our web app. The app orchestrates millions of jobs across TBs of data we manage with code!

What we can offer

  • As an early hire, a substantial equity package
  • Competitive cash pay
  • All of the standard benefits

Why you should join Basis

Basis is a platform for building end-to-end data pipelines ridiculously fast — everything from ingestion to ETL, machine learning, automation, and reverse ETL in a unified framework with no data engineering required.

Data tools on the market today are all about managing your data as exhaust. We're building Basis for a new era where businesses use data as fuel for their operations — embracing both analytical and operational paradigms in a single product.

Nearly all companies today operate on the same SaaS platforms with common schemas, and are trying to solve the same data problems — we're uniquely positioned to win in a new market of cloneable end-to-end data solutions!

We're industry veterans who have built production data solutions at Google, Square, and our previous startups, and we're going after the +$100B business automation market with a data-driven, API-first product that gives data developers superpowers.