Bear Flag Robotics

Bear Flag Robotics is developing autonomous driving technology for…

Senior Backend Engineer

$100k - $150k / 0.00% - 2.00%
Newark, CA, USA / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Igino Cafiero
Igino Cafiero

About the role

We are changing the agricultural world with autonomy at Bear Flag Robotics. Our team is building a fleet of autonomous farming tractors and we’re looking for a Backend Engineer. We need support with the robotics software life cycle. From data modeling to designing scalable APIs, and all the awesome challenges in between.

Bear Flag is still an early-stage company, so this is a great time to join a really dynamic and engaging team. It’s a chance to define your role as well, as we’ll be building a lot of these systems from the ground up.

You like to improve systems as you discover things, and love to collaborate. Shapers and owners are welcome here. From developing APIs from the ground up to designing databases to driving key data requirements, you’d be responsible for expanding and optimizing our data and data pipeline architecture, as well as tuning our overall data flow and collection. We’re working in a hybrid cloud environment, so you’ll be working with systems in the next room, rack hardware in the field, and of course in AWS. Our full pipeline involves managing systems for data collection, storage management, and feeding into Machine Learning pipelines. Ideally, you have a growing passion for robotics and working around mechanical systems, and seeing code perform real-world tasks.


  • B.S./M.S in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • You love modeling database schemas to actual business domains and expertly handle scripting, migrations, and data transformations to dynamic needs.
  • They ask and you deliver - you differentiate among delivery platforms such as mobile vs desktop and optimize output to match the specific platform.
  • Deep expertise flows from your experience in developing both SQL and NoSQL systems including MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Tools of the trade here are JavaScript, Python, and Bash, but we’re always up for a better way.
  • Automates manual processes - you have a knack for optimizing data delivery and developing the underlying infrastructure to scale with growth.
  • Analytic tools are your gotos and integral to the pipelines you build to turn insights into operational efficiency and drive key business metrics.
  • Testing - of all flavors: integration, end-to-end, and unit - is your modus operandi, you value ensuring the systems that you oversee are deterministic and reliable to a high degree.
  • You think outside the box, and want to play a pivotal role in designing autonomous heavy equipment.

Why you should join Bear Flag Robotics

Bear Flag Robotics is building autonomous tractors.