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Frontend Engineer

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3+ years
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Kirill Zakharov
Kirill Zakharov

About the role

As a frontend engineer, you'll own large parts of the architecture and critical features of the product. We put innovation first, which means you'll drive cutting-edge features that customers are eagerly waiting for.

You'll be involved in scaling the product, the team, and the entire company.

Please apply asap if you

  • Are good at Vue/Nuxt.
  • Are good at BEM and component-driven development.
  • Like great design and carefully follows design system guidelines.
  • Have a passion for writing clean and testable code.
  • Are good at writing tests.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently.
  • Product and business oriented.

Key responsibilities

  • Own end-to-end features and drive development decisions to create an easy-to-use and smooth user experience. For example, you'll be working on improving our visual builder, web app, and website.
  • Build a reusable design system.
  • Directly influence and introduce new engineering standards, tooling, and processes that help the team scale

What we offer

  • Full-time contract.
  • A freelance remote position as one of the early employees at YC-company.
  • Possibility to work from wherever you feel comfortable. We offer you flexible working hours with daily or weekly goals.
  • Join an amazingly talented team.

Why you should join Beau

At Beau, we help service businesses reimagine their customer-facing processes. Join us!

Team Size:5
Location:Barcelona, Spain
Mila Dayan
Mila Dayan
Kyril Kulikov
Kyril Kulikov
Kirill Zakharov
Kirill Zakharov