1-click carbon accounting and API for growing companies

Software Engineer

$90k - $180k / 0.25% - 0.50%
Job Type
1+ years
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Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore

About the role

About Bend: Bend helps growing companies measure their emissions and go net-zero with one click. We’re on a mission to accelerate the decarbonization of the global economy.

As a full-stack software engineer at Bend, you will develop, maintain, and improve our suite of sustainability profiling and carbon accounting tools for the web, written in TypeScript and Rust.


  • Architect clear, automated solutions to complex problems
  • Translate product requirements into technical specifications
  • Execute on technical specifications to develop high-quality software
  • Monitor system logs and performance for flaws or opportunities for improvement
  • Write unit tests and documentation
  • Perform code reviews and participate actively in decision-making processes

Required Skills/Abilities

  • 1 year minimum professional experience
  • Experience working on small software teams
  • Experience developing applications for the web
  • Experience with server-side development
  • Language fluency in JavaScript and TypeScript
  • MySQL or equivalent relational database experience
  • Bonus: Experience with Rust
  • Bonus: Infrastructure experience including AWS, GCP, or Docker
  • Bonus: Experience with service integrations using OAuth, webhooks, et al.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s in Computer Science, or 4 years professional experience in software development

Why you should join Bend

Bend helps companies automate carbon measurement with the highest possible credibility. This is done by converting spend and vendor info into emissions estimates, available via API. For example: imagine a $1,000 bill from Atlassian — Bend aggregates corporate emissions disclosures; we know that for every $1,000 spent with Atlassian, there’s a 30.2 kg footprint. For long tail merchants, Bend includes merchant category fallbacks, so you’re guaranteed 100% coverage (e.g. for Starbucks, a Starbucks factor is used; for a mom-and-pop coffee shop, a benchmark ‘coffee shop’ factor is used). The team's background is in fintech (Google, former co-founder of Abacus and head of product at Emburse, etc.) and climate science (with degrees from MIT and Columbia). Bend is backed by Y Combinator and Character.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore
Ted Power
Ted Power