In product customer activation

Full stack engineer (backend leaning)

$130K - $160K / 0.20% - 2.00%
US / CA / PT / BR / Remote (US; CA; PT; BR)
Job Type
3+ years
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Emily Wang
Emily Wang

About the role

We are growing our founding engineering team and hiring a third full stack engineer to lead much of our product development and technical direction. In this role, you'll own end-to-end features, have access to live customers, and help shape our engineering decisions, process and culture. You'll work closely with our CTO, other engineers, and our CEO to own significant parts of our product. As a small team, this is a critical and high impact role in a fast moving environment. Our ideal teammate moves quickly, enjoys the full span of engaging with users, defining product UX, architecting ad implementing to learn and validate product value.

This role

  • Build new product features across the stack, from back-end business logic implementation and scaling to full stack features.
  • Contribute to how we think about engineering culture, tech innovation and scalability, as well as help grow our team.
  • Design thoughtful and practical architecture and data modeling for new features.
  • Improve the performance and reliability of existing features, such as through optimizing queries, refactoring, or introducing new tools.
  • Recognize pain points in our development workflow and appropriately build internal tools to support developer efficiency and application robustness.

Skills & experiences

Full stack and familiar with early stage startup life

  • 4-8 years of full stack engineering experience
  • Really helpful if you've worked at a B2B software company, or otherwise have experience building software at a fast growing startup.
  • Current stack: Postgres, Node.js, Express, Typescript, GraphQL, React, Next.js, Slate.js and Relay Modern.


  • You have the ability to design and architect new features and data modeling in a thoughtful and practical way.
  • Passion for crafting robust and performant software: You care about ensuring that our application queries are fast, our uptime is undisrupted, and that the end user experience is seamless.

Move fast...collaboratively

  • You love to ship quickly and are pragmatic around tradeoffs
  • You're an effective communicator and responsive both synchronously and asynchronously
  • You relish a fast-paced environment, but know it's important to bring people along and engage a wide set of perspectives
  • Personal growth is important to you: you have a clear idea of how and where you want to grow, and are excited about being in an environment that enables growth with feedback, opportunities and ownership.

About Bento

Bento is customer onboarding as a service for B2B SaaS companies. We believe in a world where great businesses are built on the backs of innovative products and the ability for customers to repeatedly get value out of those products. Concepts like "time-to-value" are increasingly important – not just for the customer, but for the business and software teams.

Even initial "onboarding" or "implementation" is just the tip of the iceberg. We rally around a vision of everboarding.

Our team has decades of collective experience in building onboarding and adoption workflows. We also have deep empathy with the internal Success and Growth teams who have limited resources in experimenting with and shaping these product experiences.

That's why we're building Bento, to give modern software companies the system to design engaging and collaborative adoption workflows, without needing to build or maintain it in-house.

Team Size:
Location:San Francisco
Emily Wang
Emily Wang