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Bloom Institute of Technology

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The online coding school that invests in you.

Bloom Institute of Technology is a full computer science education that's free until you get a high-paying job. We invest in our students, train them for free, and take a portion of income if they get a job above a certain threshold. If they never make above that threshold or don't get a job in the chosen field, they never pay us a dime.

Bloom Institute of Technology
Team Size:50
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Austen Allred, CEO

CEO @LambdaSchool

Former Founders

Selected answers from Bloom Institute of Technology's original YC application for the S17 Batch

How far along are you?

Our first cohort of students starts April 10. We have 13 paying students in that cohort, 60 people in a pay-as-you-go test project, and 7,100 people enrolled in our free "mini bootcamp."

YC S17 Demo Day Video