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Lyndsey Bunting
Lyndsey Bunting

About the role

We started the company as a group of friends with different backgrounds and different areas of expertise; that’s the type of culture we’re looking to maintain as we grow. We’ve been successful so far because we’ve prioritized maintaining what made us successful from the start at scale. We care about maintaining this in our employee base, always seeking to bring in different perspectives and experiences to our growing team. Thanks for your interest in joining our team!

How We’re Different

* We’re a lean team so all of your work will have a direct and measurable impact on the business

* You’ll have the opportunity interact with some of our amazing beta customers who are constantly providing feedback and helping us make the product better

* You’ll have the opportunity to craft elegant, efficient, and (sometimes!) scrappy solutions to hard technical problems using the latest and greatest tools and technologies


* Our application runs on a tech stack that is a mixture of Python and Ruby on Rails + React

* For our backend data processing, we use Apache Airflow.

* For our web application, we use Ruby on Rails, with a Typescript/React single-page-app frontend, powered by a GraphQL API

What Your Day Would Look Like

* Build scalable and fault-tolerant data pipelines in Google Cloud Platform using Apache Airflow

* Inspect, analyze, and transform data using SQL based tools like BigQuery and dbt

* Design, implement, and test features on our web application

* Build integrations with external services

What We Look For

* You’re the best at what you do, take ownership for your work and are constantly looking to learn

* 3+ years of experience in Python and SQL

* You have experience with Apache Airflow and familiarity with AWS or GCP

* Bonus points if you have experience with GraphQL or OAuth

Why you should join Blue Onion Labs

Blue Onion is reimagining data infrastructure for finance and accounting teams. We're building a new paradigm for how companies manage financial data - from monolithic software that can take a year to implement to flexible, API-first solutions. We're backed by investors that know startups and know the problems in this space, including Y Combinator and the former CEO of Visa.

Blue Onion Labs
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Lyndsey Bunting
Lyndsey Bunting
Manav Malhotra
Manav Malhotra
Charles McMillan
Charles McMillan