Sunrun for the developing world

Energy Expert (Sales)

$12k - $36k
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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About the role

At Bright we are recruiting the best of the best to be trained as Energy Expert to spread Clean Solar Energy all across Mexico. You’ll work directly with our Mexico Sales and Expansion Manager and play a critical role in achieving Bright’s growth goals. You’ll also have the ability to help shape the company culture and spearhead some of our most important initiatives. The role entails explaining people about energy generation, production, efficiency and compare our current model with the possibility of switching to solar.

**This role is for you if:

•You’re passionate about making the world a better and more sustainable place. •You’re passionate about sales. •You have a proven track record of success and/or being promoted in whatever you do (whether that was being president of your student council, having one of the top GPAs at your schools, entrepreneur spirit, or exceeding sales quota at all your jobs). •You are a young yet graduated (even just fresh out of college is great) and eager to grow. •You are an entrepreneur, in love with startup culture from Silicon Valley and getting stuff done. •You’re organized, comfortable with technology and can adapt to rapid structural changes. •You are very comfortable speaking English and communicating concisely. •You have 48hrs available per week.

**Core Activities

•Spread Bright’s mission to bring clean and affordable energy to Mexico, while prospecting for customers. •Engaging in direct communication with customers regarding the benefits of switching to solar with our different products. •Analysis, gathering and uploading of documents to our database needed for customers to go solar. •This is a startup, you will help us innovate and build a better company.

Why you should join Bright

Bright is Mexico’s #1 residential solar provider (think Sunrun for the developing world, starting first in Mexico). We provide the financing and software that enable thousands of student ambassadors and retail promoters to offer cheaper electricity to homes at no upfront cost, and we work with our network of hundreds of local installers and distributors to satisfy the resulting demand. Our first market is Mexico, which has more sun, higher electricity rates, and lower labor costs than the US. Bright's investors include First Round Capital, Y Combinator, and other top Silicon Valley firms.

Team Size:65
Location:Mexico City, Mexico
Jonah Greenberger
Jonah Greenberger