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6+ years
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About the role

Bright is a venture-backed startup building the solar operating system to power every home across the world. Our platform allows homeowners to easily adopt solar with no initial investment and save 20% or more on their electricity bill. In doing so, we’re enabling rapid solar adoption and pioneering a sustainable energy future.

We’re looking for someone interested in having an impact far beyond pixels on a screen, or rows in a database. We believe global warming is one of the most important challenges in our lifetime, and Bright provides a unique opportunity for you to use engineering skills to make a serious impact. The process for homeowners to adopt solar power is unnecessarily complicated, and the industry, especially internationally, is young.

Here’s how you would contribute: This is an incredibly unique opportunity as we’re growing very quickly as the market leader but just getting around to hiring one of our first backend engineers (our head of software has served this role up until now). We’ve operated incredibly lean and this is a one-of-a-kind role for someone that wants to be early but is looking for a low risk opportunity that will certainly have an impact on the world.

Today, Bright is installing 5 solar installations every day all across Mexico, with 3500+ installations and counting, with software acting as a coordinator for all the parties involved. Similar to AirBnb, Uber, or OpenDoor - the software itself isn’t our core product, but it is our core strategy - and we apply it to almost every team - from logistics, to finance, and customer success. With projects ranging from marketing chat bots, to solar monitoring (IoT) integrations, to logistics optimization - there is never a dull moment. You will help Bright build out some of the following projects:

● Design / architect / implement a web platform(s) for homeowners, local solar partners, and financiers ● A centralized solar monitoring and alerting system, integrating with several different types of solar monitoring systems and APIs ● The backend pieces of world-class customer communication / customer service. This would include integrating with third parties like Twilio, WhatsApp and Customer.IO. Producing and consuming webhooks. ● Plenty more unknown challenges we haven’t faced yet

Here’s what we’re looking for: ● 5+ years of professional backend experience. You’ve led development in large projects before, and have built stuff from the ground up before. ● Experience with Postgres or a similar SQL database (we are big fans of Postgres) ● Experience with node.js, Go (or both) ● Fluency in technical English (Spanish is a bonus) ● You are pragmatic, can prioritize and say no when needed ● Data modeling skills for use in SQL or Redis ● Prior startup experience and product intuition is ideal ● Comfortability communicating and working with non-engineers (we work with almost every team at Bright in some capacity - from interns up to the CEO)

Nice to have experience with the following tools / technologies: ● SQL ● Javascript / Typescript ● Go ● GraphQL ● Retool

Our stack: ● PostgreSQL + PostGIS ● EC2, S3 and SQS on AWS ● Redis ● Node.js, Go, GraphQL ● React ● Retool (for the frontend of many internal tools)

Why Us? While Bright shares the same benefits many startups offer, we also have a few unique ones: ● Directly solving one of the 21st century’s largest problems: affordable clean energy ● A measured impact, daily - while most startups claim to “make the world a better place”, Bright actually is ● Travel - the ability to travel to Mexico and around the world as Bright expands. ● Being part of a dynamic new industry - as solar prices continue to drop, the industry is rapidly changing. Bright is helping to lead the charge.

Why you should join Bright

Bright is Mexico’s #1 residential solar provider (think Sunrun for the developing world, starting first in Mexico). We provide the financing and software that enable thousands of student ambassadors and retail promoters to offer cheaper electricity to homes at no upfront cost, and we work with our network of hundreds of local installers and distributors to satisfy the resulting demand. Our first market is Mexico, which has more sun, higher electricity rates, and lower labor costs than the US. Bright's investors include First Round Capital, Y Combinator, and other top Silicon Valley firms.