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Product Design Lead

San Diego, CA / Remote
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3+ years
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Danny Grannick
Danny Grannick

About the role

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🧬 About us

Bristle (YC W21) is a startup company working to improve peoples' oral health. You can read more about us on our website or blog.

We developed an at-home oral microbiome test to measure oral health status - including risk factors for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. We use those insights to help people improve their oral and overall health through personalized recommendations, education, and behavioral change.

πŸš— We've had a lot of exciting momentum over the last year

🏁 Graduated Y Combinator's W21 batch (Jan - March)

🦠 Kicked off a clinical research study with the University of the Pacific Dental School

πŸ“± Launched an early access program in February with over 300 users in one month

πŸŽ‰ Closed our seed round in March led by a top-tier VC

🦷 Launched V1 of our commercial test in September

We're still in the scrappy startup phase, having launched V1 of our oral health platform in September. We're looking for people who are comfortable working in ambiguity and thrive when they can take ownership in getting projects from 0 to 1 - and then driving from 1 to 100. We have hubs in San Diego and Oakland but have operated as a remote-enabled team since day 1. Communication & collaboration is important, but so is autonomy & drive.

Our team is made up of self-starters obsessed with making a meaningful impact in health and care. We are constantly learning from each other and the experts we work with. We're looking for people who can bring deep experiences, diverse perspectives, and fresh backgrounds to our team.

πŸ— The role

As our first product hire, you will be responsible for a wide range of responsibilities across design. As is typical for a startup, there will also be other projects and efforts we'll need your help with. You'll be reporting and working directly with our CEO, Danny.

Job descriptions are necessarily ambiguous at our stage. You will have a deep influence on Bristle and a direct impact on our users. We're looking for a product superstar who can plan and execute.

While we're a remote-enabled company we are especially interested in applicants that are in or willing to relocate to San Diego. Not required but would be a plus!

We value your time and believe in transparency and level-setting. Compensation can be a gating factor regardless of how much we want to work together, and the reality is that we are an early-stage company with limited capital. That said, as we grow so will your role and compensation. Our salary range for this role is $100k-120k and equity between 0.3%-0.5% depending on experience, skills, and fit.

πŸ“² First-principles product design

You'll be managing, improving, and executing all aspects of our product. You're not an owner in the product development cycle, but an owner of the product development cycle. You'll be responsible for working with our founding team to transform V1 of our platform into a category leader that delights our users.

User research

Design, deploy and lead user research efforts at Bristle to understand how we can deliver more value packaged in an incredible experience. Relentlessly advocate for our users and their needs.


Lead design across Bristle's entire interface. Digest and prioritize feedback into actionable features, then translate them into beautiful, user-friendly designs. Sit at the nexus of marketing, product, and engineering to drive improvement across Bristle.


Develop and/or manage engaging content to educate and inform our users about their oral and overall health. Define Bristle's voice and determine our strategic direction for delivering information that will drive meaningful improvements in our users' outcomes.


Create and implement more effective product development cycles and strategies - advocate for better design processes, principles, and tools. Make quick and informed tradeoffs between rapid prototyping to test hypotheses vs. longer-term design systems that will serve as a foundation for our best-in-class customer experience.

Vision & strategy

Work with our founding team to determine our strategic direction, advocating for our users and incorporating your own intuition. Envision how different users experience Bristle and bring that to life in a way that feels inspired, refined, and magical.

πŸ’ͺ What you've done

  • Worked in Figma (or similar) to create everything from quick & dirty mockups to beautiful prototypes that can be handed off to engineering and shipped to users
  • Spoken to real customers for feedback and advocated for change in the best interest of the user
  • Built and shipped 0 β†’ 1 products, and ideally have brought products from 1 β†’ 10
  • Worked in some combination of digital/consumer and health/genomics
  • Tackled ambiguous problems and roles to create structure and improvement
  • 3+ years experience in product design, development, or management
  • Extra points if you have:
    • A background in data science, bioinformatics/biology, or software development
    • Worked with oral health or microbiome companies primarily on the consumer side
    • A cute pet you don't mind showing on zoom or bringing to meetings

⚑️ The interview process

We want you to be at your best - our goal is to get to know you, hear about your interests and experience, and share more about our work. We don't believe in "gotcha" style questions, complex interviews, or getting free work done disguised as take-home projects.

Send in your resume and portfolio

Start by sending your resume to us and include whatever materials you believe are important and showcase your abilities. Feel free to elaborate past your resume - we know first-hand that there are experiences and projects that won't be reflected in a job title or metric.

Meet us and learn about Bristle

You'll have a brief 30-minute phone call with a member of our team (we'll let you know way before the call). You won't need to prepare anything in advance. You'll learn more about Bristle and have a chance to ask questions about our product, culture, and company.

If we're both excited to move forward, we'll send you some materials about Bristle and give you ample time to review them.

Portfolio review

We'll schedule another conversation to walk through your past work and discuss some considerations around product design & development. We want to understand your aptitude, approach, and experience. We'll also want to understand your initial impressions about Bristle - what you like, what you think we need to improve, and anything else you want to share.

Product challenge

You'll reconnect with us for an hour-long challenge and we won't require any pre-work but will provide you with some insight into what you can expect. The goal of this challenge is to assess your skills in design and development. The challenge will be practical, relevant, and achievable. We want to see you at your best, focusing on actual projects and problems we have - we aren't interested in watching you struggle through an ambiguous or complicated project.

Reference conversations

We'll connect with a few people you've worked with. At this point, we're expecting to hear great things so it's primarily a way for us to better understand the best way to work with you.

Why you should join Bristle

Bristle helps people understand and improve their oral health. We developed an at-home oral microbiome test to measure oral health status - including risk factors for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. We use those insights to help people improve their oral and overall health through personalized recommendations, education, and behavioral change.

Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Danny Grannick
Danny Grannick
David Lin
David Lin
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Brian Maurer
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Shivam Patel