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Founding Designer at buildspace

$80k - $220k / 0.50% - 3.50%
Job Type
1+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Farza Majeed
Farza Majeed

About the role

Note: Check out more on benefits/traction here.

We’re looking for a person that can lead design at buildspace. Example of stuff you might be working on:

  • Designing our “treasury page” for our engineers to create that’d show off how much $ the treasury has, existing proposals, current proposals being voted on, etc. Kinda like a dashboard for our DAO and it’s members.

  • Constantly iterating on our landing page/messaging and building your ideas yourself on Webflow or whatever other no-code tool you like. We want you to design and ship to users.

  • Creating an onboarding flow for users that don’t have a wallet already. Web3 is super early, we’re figuring out how to improve at UI/UX every day for users not familiar w// crypto and you’d be at the center of that.

Why you should join buildspace

We're building the world’s largest network of web3 builders. Backed by a16z and YC.

Today, devs can join our network, build their own web3 projects, earn NFTs, and get access to work opportunities in crypto.

We started working on buildspace 5-months ago and have grown to over 40,000 devs. We’re partnered with the world’s top protocols like the Ethereum Foundation, Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon. We’ve also partnered w/ the world’s top web3 companies who hire from within buildspace like Alchemy, Uniswap, ThirdWeb, OpenSea, and 40 others.

Check out our last investor update for more context.