On-demand food delivery from dark kitchens in Pakistan.

Electrical & Instrumentation Technician

Lahore, Pakistan
Job Type
1+ years
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About the role

Electrician and Instrumentation Technician will be responsible to undertake a variety of tasks relating to setting up and maintaining electrical infrastructure. Your job will involve installing electrical wiring in buildings and poles, troubleshooting malfunctions and blackouts and repairing appliances.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Execute plans of electrical wiring for well-functioning lighting and other electrical systems
  • Install electrical apparatus, fixtures and equipment for alarm and other systems
  • Install safety and distribution components (e.g. switches, resistors, circuit-breaker panels etc.)
  • Connect wiring in electrical circuits and networks ensuring compatibility of components
  • Prepare and assemble conduits and connect wiring through them
  • Prevent breakdown of systems by routinely inspecting and replacing old wiring and insulated cables, cleaning circuits etc.
  • Perform effective troubleshooting to identify hazards or malfunctions and repair or substitute damaged units.
  • Install controllers, sensors and other controlling and sensing gadgets.
  • Perform maintenance activities on the electrical equipment to avoid equipment breakdowns.

Key Requirements:

  • 2+ yrs relevant experience.
  • Proven experience as an electrician and instrumentation.
  • Experience in industrial and/or commercial electrical and instrumentation systems.
  • Demonstrable ability to use electrical and hand tools (e.g. wire strippers, voltmeter etc.) and electrical drawings and blueprints.
  • Thorough knowledge of electrical safety procedures and legal regulations and guidelines.
  • Excellent critical thinking about preventive action planning and problem-solving ability.
  • Excellent physical condition and flexibility to work long shifts and overnight.
  • Diploma in relevant vocational training or successfully completed apprenticeship as an electrician.

Why you should join Byte

Byte is building on-demand food delivery from dark kitchens. Our vision is to make food-delivery more affordable and accessible in Pakistan. Byte is Pakistan’s first consumer startup to get into Y Combinator, and is backed by top Silicon Valley VCs and senior executives from Uber and McDonald’s.

Team Size:30
Location:Lahore, Pakistan
Safee Shah
Safee Shah