Browser automations powered by AI.

Bytebot simplifies and streamlines web tasks by translating natural language prompts into browser automation, including clicks, form filling, and data extraction. The platform and SDK enables users to develop robust, dynamic web automation scripts that adapt alongside changing web environments. Effortless to use and easy to integrate, Bytebot helps users boost their workflow efficiency and drive growth, all without the complexity.

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Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Carl Atupem

Founder, CEO at Bytebot

Carl Atupem
Carl Atupem

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Bytebot uses AI to handle web data extraction and form filling. Developers use us to save time and effort, writing robust web scraping and automation logic that is reusable across many websites. Get started here, and book some time with us here.

❌ The Problem

Browser scraping and web automation can be incredibly time-consuming and complex, often requiring a detailed and deep understanding of the web elements involved. Traditional methods are slow to iterate and can be difficult to scale, especially for startups and large companies.

Today, you might:

  • Spend hours building scripts, hunting through HTML for the right selectors/xpaths
  • Waste effort debugging and maintaining scripts that break after page layout changes
  • Struggle with captchas, IP address rotation

💫 The Solution

Bytebot simplifies and streamlines browser automation by translating your natural language prompts into intricate web tasks, from data extracting to website monitoring to form filling.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating time spent hunting for selectors or xpaths, as you can just prompt what you would like to happen instead
  • Allowing you to design scripts with  prompts that are reusable across multiple websites or domains
  • Providing robust and self-healing scripts that can adapt to website layout changes or updates

⚒️How It Works

Bytebot lets developers focus more on the prompting and less on the maintenance. Instead of writing complex scripts, you simply describe what you want to do, like "Add the item to the shopping cart" or “Login in with these credentials“ and Bytebot handles the rest.

Behind the scenes, Bytebot takes a snapshot of a given webpage and leverages LLMs to translate prompts into the appropriate browser actions.

Speeding Up Automations

Bytebot significantly speeds up the development cycle. Faster iterations enable companies to test and experiment with workflows without lengthy setup times. This increase in efficiency leads to higher ROI, as teams can focus on high-impact projects instead of getting bogged down by repetitive tasks.


Versatile for All Users

Bytebot is designed for users of all technical levels:

  • For Companies with Existing Infrastructure: If your company already has a mature Puppeteer or Playwright setup, Bytebot integrates seamlessly. You can quickly hook Bytebot into your existing scripts without overhauling your current system.
  • For Companies Needing Browser Support: If you don't want to manage browser infrastructure, our Hosted Browser API has you covered. We'll handle running the browser, and you can interact with Bytebot without worrying about captchas and IP address rotation.
  • For Non-Technical Users: For the quickest setup and experimentation, our Playground (coming soon!) offers a no-code UI, with a live browser view.

🙏Our Asks

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  • Share Bytebot with anyone who is looking to streamline their web automation.
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