Benchling for battery companies

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

$130K - $170K / 1.00% - 2.00%
San Francisco, CA, US
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3+ years
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Penelope Jones
Penelope Jones

About the role

Byterat (YC W23) is the first intelligent data platform for battery R&D teams to manage and analyze all their battery data in one place. Byterat directly synchronizes data from lab hardware to the cloud and analyzes it to unlock hidden insights connecting design to performance.


  • Batteries play a fundamental role in tackling climate change. $73B was invested in US battery plants in 2022, and battery company revenue is expected to grow >5x over the next decade.
  • Global carmakers alone are forecast to spend $515B on electric vehicle and battery R&D by 2030. But battery engineers are currently underserved by software, relying on broken legacy products to analyze their data.
  • Byterat solves this problem with a modern cloud platform that allows teams to analyze data from thousands of parallel experiments and unlock previously hidden insights connecting battery design to performance.


  • As one of Byterat's founding engineers, you will have the autonomy to design/implement cornerstones of the Byterat platform, spanning from client-facing UX, to backend infrastructure for data analysis, to ML models that predict battery performance.
  • You'll also be helping to shape an exceptional engineering culture at Byterat and cultivate practices that will set us up for success.


  • 3+ years software engineering experience, ideally in a “start-up” like environment where you have taken full ownership for projects and taken products from 0-1 and 1-10.
  • You care about the problems our customers face and are excited to distil their insights into tangible product improvements.
  • You are excited to move and grow fast, take ownership and challenge yourself in ways that are hard to replicate at other places.


  • Penny: PhD in Physics from Cambridge, worked on ML models to analyze battery data and forecast performance.
  • Shashank: Stanford CS, formerly AWS
  • Enrique: Carnegie Mellon CS, formerly Rivian


  • Django with heavy tasks on Lambda.
  • Next.js on TypeScript.
  • Docker compose for dev, AWS and Terraform for staging / prod.

About the interview

  • Intro call with a founder to get to know each other.
  • Coding challenge: we've distilled our platform to ~1k loc; the challenge is to tell us what the distilled platform does and implement a new feature. We usually run this as a take home assignment, though we can be flexible and run live instead. Once you’ve completed the challenge, we’ll discuss your solution and approach to system design.
  • Meet our team (anyone you haven't met already in the previous rounds). We're looking for signals on how you'll complement our entire team, in terms of culture and technical strengths.
  • Reference check
  • Offer!

About Byterat

Byterat is the modern cloud platform for battery data analytics in R&D and production. Byterat directly integrates with hardware in a lab, synchronizes data to the cloud and analyzes it to connect the dots between battery design and performance. Our team is Penny - a PhD in battery modeling, Shashank - an ex-AWS full-stack engineer, and Enrique - an ex-Rivian full-stack engineer.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Penelope Jones
Penelope Jones