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Caddie AI is building the future of email for sales ⚡️

Caddie AI
Team Size:4
Location:Toronto, Canada
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Alan Nowogrodski

Alan is the Founder and CEO of Caddie. He previously was a Head of Product for the payments and mobile business at FreshBooks. He started as a PM and built the unit from $0 to $30M+ in annual revenue in under 5 years. Alan later joined NinjaCat as a VP of Product Management and member of the executive team. He took additional responsibilities as VP of Marketing and VP of Engineering Operations. He started his career by building a web development company in the early 2000s while in high school.

Alan Nowogrodski
Alan Nowogrodski
Caddie AI

Marshall Johnston

Marshall is the Co-Founder and CTO of Caddie. He was previously the Technical Lead for Partner Integrations at FreshBooks where he grew the integration ecosystem from 80 to 200 apps in 18 months. His background is in technical product management with an expertise in building and maintaining APIs.

Marshall Johnston
Marshall Johnston
Caddie AI

Company Launches

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😄 About Us → Our Customers Were Pissed Off, So We Did Something About It

In our past life, Marshall and I led sales and marketing teams. More recently, we asked ourselves:

  • Why does conversion in B2B websites suck (from Visitor to a Demo Booked)?
  • Why do we keep hearing complains that customer just “want a F*&!ng demo!”?

We explored solutions to fix this and Caddie hit us in the face.

🤬 Problem → Too Much Friction to Request a Demo

  • Friction is Killing Leads → 83% of interested buyers never make it to a demo because there are too many steps to get a demo.
  • Speed Matters → 74% of buyers purchase from the first company they see a demo from.
  • Have SDRs do Qualification Calls? → Adding an SDR qualification step leads to 30% drop-off in pipeline. In addition, they are expensive and hard to hire.

🚀 Solution → Make It Easy to Schedule & Qualify

  • Build a personalized demo scheduling experience.
  • Qualify inbound leads by asking simple questions.
  • Using logic and point scoring, route to the right Account Exec.
  • Finally, allow qualified prospects to schedule a demo on the spot.

Try a demo by going to trycaddie.com

Using Calendly? → We allow you to qualify prospects before bad leads jam your calendar. In addition, we shorten your contact form by getting key insights from a database of 200M+ records so you don’t need to ask for “First Name”, “Company”, “# of employees”. The result is 50%+ more qualified leads than with Calendly.

💰 The Impact → 2X More Demos, Faster Deal Speed, No Need for SDRs to Qualify Manually.

  • Book 2X more demos by removing friction.
  • Improve speed from lead to opportunity by 50% by cutting steps.
  • Have SDRs qualifying leads? → Cut $100,000s in costs.