All-in-one spend management for businesses in Latam

All-in-one spend management for businesses in Latam. We give customers tools for bill payments, automated local transfers and corporate cards.

Team Size:5
Location:Santiago, Chile

Active Founders

Cristóbal Grinbergs

Cardda CEO and cofounder, the all-in-one spend management for business in Latam. Before, I built Rentz, a marketplace to rent heavy equipment that reached breakeven and worked at IBM and Procter and Gamble. Born in Chile 🇨🇱

Cristóbal Grinbergs
Cristóbal Grinbergs

Sebastián Hernández

Cofounder & CTO @ Cardda. The all-in-one spending management platform for business in Latam. Built Rentz, a marketplace for heavy machinery rental before pivoting to Cardda during the pandemic. Made in Chile.

Sebastián Hernández
Sebastián Hernández

Company Launches

TL;DR We're building Cardda, the simplest way for Latam companies to make their payments. We give corporate credit cards, tools for bill payments and automated local transfers.

Hi everyone! 👋 We are Sebastián and Cristóbal, and would love to tell you about Cardda.


  1. Businesses are wasting a lot of time paying other businesses, it's common to hear questions like: who approved this invoice?, who initiated this payment?, should we pay the supplier this week or next week?
  2. Employee expenses and reimbursements: receipts lost, reconciliation time consuming, visibility on payments weeks after purchases made, no control over what employees can pay and no budgets
  3. Corporate cards are slow to obtain, have poor spending controls and transactions aren't incorporated with company's accounting systems


We enable companies to initiate, track and reconcile every payment they make to other businesses, using the local payments methods accepted by business and showing all the accounts payable in real time through direct integration with each country's invoice system.

API and dashboard to automate mass local payouts.

Unlimited physical and virtual corporate credit cards with granular controls to pay for their expenses, real time visibility in each purchase, set spending controls and option to block merchants.

Ask 🤝

  • If you are wasting time paying your bills, making reimbursements or your corporate cards aren't great, please reach out to us, would be thrilled to help!
  • Intros to companies in any vertical in Latam that are making more than 50 monthly payments
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We would love to talk to you! 🤩, please click here for a 15 min chat or reach us at founders@cardda.com