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Cash Flow Portal is a real estate syndication platform that helps syndicators streamline equity raising, automate operations, and reach more investors. It is a marketplace between small syndicators and investors. Our goal is to help everyone achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. We have been growing at 50% month over month.

We at Cash Flow Portal believe we will be the most dominant real estate syndication software within 2 years. In the last 1.5 years, we built a solid product, achieved product-market fit, and we will raise a seed round in 1-2 months (so yes, we will be venture-backed). We will be a 1BB+ company one day if we execute correctly.

We are engineering-driven (the founder was an engineering manager from Silicon Valley), are obsessed with talent density, and want to hire the best engineers possible who are also highly collaborative.

We are also highly entrepreneurial and personal finance-minded. We believe that our employees will one day go on to create their own companies, invest in real estate, and want to grow their wealth and achieve financial independence in their own right.

Cash Flow Portal
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Location:Seattle, WA
Perry Zheng
Perry Zheng