Automate visual inspections for precision metal manufacturing

Founding Engineer (ML Research)

$80K - $250K / 0.10% - 2.00%
New York, NY, US
Job Type
1+ years
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Sarang Zambare
Sarang Zambare

About the role

Looking for a pytorch ninja that has a solid ability to not just understand the mathematical fundamentals of deep learning, but also is able to quickly translate them into pytorch code.

You will be working on the bleeding edge of deep learning techniques in the computer vision foundation model space. it will be less of imports and more of init 's

We are making something daring, technically complex and huge if true.

This will be a demanding job and you will be "in the trenches" with the rest of the founding team. If you are looking for a cushy job with a 9-5 then this is not for you. But if you are looking for a fast paced adventure into building the next evolution of deep learning and want to put a dent in the space then we welcome you to apply!

Bonus: if you can hear the music

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Sarang Zambare
Sarang Zambare