Certainly Health

Certainly Health

Marketplace to book doctors and avoid surprise bills

Patients enter their insurance and visit reason, and we use machine learning to predict and guarantee their out-of-pocket costs for every health provider. For health providers, we ensure their patients always pay the bill.

Certainly Health
Team Size:2
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Kevin Chiu

Co-founder and CEO of Certainly Health. Previously worked at Uber for 7 years, was a founding member of the Uber Health team which grew to 100m in gross bookings in 2 years.

Daryl Sew

Cofounder and CTO of Certainly Health. Price transparency enthusiast, game designer and roboticist. Previously built a fine dining delivery marketplace Taste, worked on self driving cars, and built products at Snap, Google X, Tesla.

Company Launches


Certainly Health enables patients to shop for doctors by predicting and guaranteeing out-of-pocket costs using their insurance and ML.

For providers, we guarantee any patient we send them will always pay.

The Problem

  • 38% of Americans delay medical care for fear of the bill and 57% of Americans have received a surprise medical bill.
  • Prices vary from 2-10x across health providers, but patients can’t see upfront prices to choose the most affordable option.
  • 56% of workers have high deductible health plans, increasing every year over the last decade from 30% in 2013, so more people are liable for more of the bill.

The Solution

  • Certainly Health is a marketplace for patients to book doctors with upfront out-of-pocket costs
    • Enter your insurance to view guaranteed out-of-pocket costs
    • Compare prices across doctors
    • Book the best option for you without worrying about surprise bills
  • Unlocked by the July 2022 Transparency in Coverage Rule that requires health insurance companies to publish prices, we predict out-of-pocket costs using:
    • Payer published rates for procedures
    • Patient eligibility/benefits information
    • Online learning model to account for variance across thousands of plans

About Us

We’ve both received surprise medical bills for thousands of dollars, so solving this problem is personal to us. And we have deep experience building marketplaces.

Kevin Chiu graduated from Stanford before working at Uber for 7 years. During that time, he was a founding member of the Uber Health team which grew to $100m in gross bookings in two years.

Daryl Sew graduated from Cornell. He spent 6 years applying AI to self-driving cars and worked at XPeng where he published an ML paper. He then started a YC backed food delivery marketplace that grew to $4m GMV.

Our offer

Certainly Health can be your go-to service for booking doctor appointments with price transparency (only in NYC for now).

We’ve also added the ability to compare prices and book cosmetic procedures (e.g. Botox, microneedling).

Our ask

  • If you need to book a doctor in NYC, please give us a try at certainlyhealth.com
    • Or if you know anyone who wants to see a doctor in NYC, please share Certainly with them!
  • We would love to connect if you know any health providers who may be interested in getting patients from our platform.
  • We would love to hear your stories of negative healthcare billing experiences as we determine which use cases to focus on

Please reach out at founders@certainlyhealth.com if you have any feedback, and let us know what doctors, procedures, or services you would like to see on our website!