Software to build the internet faster.

Founding Engineer

$100K - $200K
New York, NY, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Jason Rudin
Jason Rudin

About the role

What's Clad?

Clad is software to speed up infrastructure construction.

Our wedge product is contractor management software, tailored for internet construction (think - laying fiber, building cell towers). We help telcos get rid of the time-consuming back-office tasks that slow down progress and add costs to projects.

Since launching a few months ago, Clad’s grown quickly with real sparks of product-market fit. And, we’ve raised $2.7M from an incredible set of investors including Y Combinator, Better Tomorrow Ventures, and a bunch of top-notch industry angels.

Telecom construction is a massive, $86B/yr market that still runs on antiquated spreadsheets and emails. But we’re not stopping here. Over time, we’ll expand to power all infrastructure (roads, EV chargers, power, water) so the backbone of our world gets built faster.

What's the role?

You'll join me (👋, I'm Jason - UPenn M&T, McKinsey, Instagram) as the first engineering hire on the team.

As the founding engineer, you'll be responsible for building out every aspect of Clad's product. Ideally, you shape not just the code, but also the direction of the business - informing how we work, the products we build, and the team that we'll assemble to achieve our vision.

The details.

  • You can code. And I mean code.
  • You should be a full-stack, product-oriented engineer with a focus on craft, continuous learning, and a whole lot of energy.
  • Tech stack - React, Typescript, Next.js, Tailwind. But you'll get to decide this one.
  • We'll be in-person in NYC and working to build a defining company with a truly defining company culture.

Interested at all? Reach out and let's chat.

About Clad

Team Size:1
Location:New York
Jason Rudin
Jason Rudin