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Founding Frontend Engineer

$120K - $170K / 0.50% - 2.50%
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Tommy He
Tommy He

About the role

We are looking for a strong frontend founding engineer. You will be our first engineer hire and play a pivotal role in our future. You will work with our entire stack, with an emphasis on building out the frontend, from integrating with our core engine to designing the UX to architecting our dashboard to integrating customer feedback.

If you’re not currently in SF, we’ll cover relocation costs in full. The only real hard requirement is that you're down to be in SF and grind with us. We promise you'll have fun and learn a ton : )

We’re looking for someone with

  • 3+ yoe as frontend engineer
  • expertise in next.js, tailwind
  • a good eye for UI UX and building performant and intuitive dashboards
  • previous work in fast paced, startup environments
  • qualitatively is: hard-working, productive, takes ownership, accountable, proactive, honest, adaptable, and loves learning

Nice to haves are

  • familiarity with backend web servers
  • familiarity with deploying to cloud, particularly GCP
  • experience with ML / LLMs
  • expertise in finance / related fields
  • experience architecting systems from the ground up and ownership of product

What you can expect

You will work directly with the co-founders and have a huge impact on how the future looks as we scale, on a product, technical, and culture level. This will be very difficult and require a lot of work works. You can expect

  • it will be very hard with new challenges every day and long work hours
  • it will also be very rewarding and you will grow immensely as a person & engineer
  • to take ownership & responsibility of the product end to end
  • to make critical technical decisions and evaluate software choices
  • to have a large impact on the future of M&A and private equities and work in a fast iteration cycle to achieve that

Culture at Clarum

We highly value a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn quickly. You are an ideal candidate if you thrive on challenges, are committed to self-improvement, and are prepared to work hard as part of a dedicated team. Our work often extends into evenings and weekends, but this collective commitment drives our success and makes the achievements even more rewarding. If you work with us, we're dedicated to supporting your personal and professional growth—whether you aspire to be the best programmer, run an ultra-marathon, or start your own unicorn. We will grow and succeed together, supporting one another along the way.

About the Clarum team

Anton Otaner is the co-founder & CEO of Clarum. Before Clarum, Anton was a blockchain engineer at Mint where he worked on scalable blockchain solutions to secure gated content. Prior to Mint, he was the lead mobile AR engineer at EPHAS, an Ericsson One startup, managing client relationships and developing apps for businesses to create and access AR experiences. Anton enjoys tackling challenging situations; for instance, he ran 84 km in a snowstorm with a broken arm to raise money for charity.

Tommy He is the co-founder & CTO of Clarum. Before Clarum, Tommy worked on low latency market connections and trade execution at Tower Research Capital. Before that, he worked on private intersection of knowledge graphs at Optable (adtech startup) and devops at Principal. Throughout university, he studied theoretical math & computer science, conducting research on post quantum cryptography and machine learning.

About Clarum

Clarum helps private equity firms close more deals by conducting quicker due diligence with AI. For example, firms can import files from their data room to get answers to hundreds of questions in minutes.

Team Size:2
Tommy He
Tommy He
Anton Otaner
Anton Otaner