Clipboard Health

Clipboard Health

Connects healthcare facilities with nurses nearby.

Clipboard Health exists to lift as many people up the socioeconomic ladder as possible. We dramatically improve lives by letting healthcare professionals turn extra time and ambition into career growth and financial opportunity. We achieve this with our app-based marketplace that connects healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals, allowing healthcare professionals to book on-demand shifts and healthcare facilities to access on-demand talent. Our mission is to enable healthcare professionals to work when and where they want and to enable healthcare facilities to meet their talent needs. Clipboard Health is a fast-growing Series C startup with classic two-sided network effects. We have product-market fit, generate substantial revenue, and we are helping nurses fix healthcare one shift at a time. Clipboard Health is a diverse and inclusive company with a global, remote-first team of hundreds of people. We’ve been featured on YC’s Top Companies and grown our revenue 25x in the last 18 months. We need your help to keep growing so we can serve more healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities, and patients.

Jobs at Clipboard Health

Remote (US)
$140K - $275K
3+ years
US / CA / CO / AR / BR / ZA / IN / GB / Remote (US; CA; CO; AR; BR; ZA; IN; GB)
$45K - $130K
3+ years
US / CA / Remote (US; CA)
$100K - $170K
6+ years
Remote / Remote (US)
$80K - $200K
Any (new grads ok)
Clipboard Health
Team Size:600
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Wei Deng, CEO

I'm a graduate of Yale and Yale Law School. Have done law, finance, product and operations, and am currently running a company that matches healthcare facilities with available nurses nearby.

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