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Connects healthcare facilities with nurses nearby.

Senior Revenue Operations Manager

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Any (new grads ok)
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About the role

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About the Role:

This role is one-half strategic thinking and one-half sales management. You will manage a team of salespeople, identify ways to grow revenue, design and execute experiments, monitor results, and perform quantitative analyses.

What you should expect:

  • You’ll continuously analyze the sales funnel to determine opportunities for growth.
  • You’ll speak with lots of customers and listen to customer calls.
  • You’ll manage a team of sales reps. You’ll coach them through role plays and listening to their calls.
  • You’ll pioneer new sales processes. For example, you’ll iterate on what reps say on the phones, which customers they target, and what KPIs they’ll target.
  • You will work cross-functionally with all departments, including sales, product management, engineering, data science, and marketing.
  • You will have direct access to the most senior leaders in the company.

You’re an excellent candidate if:

  • You have several years of experience in management consulting, finance, growth marketing, product management, strategy, and operations, or similar functions. However, we have available roles available for any experience level.
  • You write clearly and easily. You should be comfortable with 5-20 pages of clear, analytical writing each week.
  • You like to move fast. You plan an experiment and get results within days, not months.
  • You are inquisitive. You don’t stop with surface-level answers and instead ask “why, why, why” until you understand problems at the root level.
  • You’re proficient with analytics and reporting tools. SQL and python scripting is a bonus but not required. You should, though, be comfortable with pivot tables, joining data tables, cohort analyses, and regression.

Why you should join Clipboard Health

At Clipboard Health (YC W17) we work with healthcare facilities such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, and rehab centers to provide on-demand nursing staff. We are a fully remote team that is humble and hardworking. We think this is the best way to improve a ton of lives. Nurses will have better schedules and shorter commutes, and patients will receive better care.

Clipboard Health
Team Size:600
Location:San Francisco
Wei Deng
Wei Deng