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Connects healthcare facilities with nurses nearby.

Enterprise Sales Manager

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3+ years
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About the role

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About the Role: You will manage a team of salespeople who are responsible for selling to corporate enterprises. These are entities that own several healthcare facilities.

If you are successful, here is what you will have accomplished in your first 90 days:

  • Each week, You will have reported the enterprise sales funnel.
  • Each week, you will have reported on the pipeline for your reps. This includes which opportunities were being worked on and what the next steps were.
  • You continuously “touched reality.” Each week you listened to and scored at least 20 calls in order to identify areas for improvement.
  • Each week, you conducted role plays with each of your direct reports in order to train them on key enterprise selling behaviors.
  • Each week, you found new opportunities for sales growth by analyzing sales metrics. For example, you might determine that reps who send more follow-up emails get higher sales – by analyzing the data – and you concluded that reps should follow up at least X times.
  • Each week, you conducted an experiment to capitalize on that opportunity and improve sales. For example, you might produce leave-behind documents for prospects that quantifies the value that they would receive. Another example is that you might experiment with targeting different types of facilities. For each experiment, you wrote a plan including your hypotheses, the metrics you wished to move, how you were going to move them, how you would track results, and what actions you would take based on those results.
  • You hired several highly capable enterprise sales executives. You sourced them and interviewed them. You adhered to our interview standards, which include realistic role-play interviews and thorough documentation of what you observed.
  • You monitored your reps closely and made changes in your team swiftly
  • You trained and certified your team on behaviors that are critical for high-value, complex sales. These behaviors include understanding and documenting multi-stakeholder decision-making processes, mapping the org chart of prospective customers, securing introductions to key stakeholders, streamlining legal reviews, identifying customer “champions”, enabling prospective customers to evangelize usage of our product among their organizations, establishing SMART plans to hold all parties (customers and CBH stakeholders) accountable, negotiating pricing and contract terms, forecasting results through long sales cycles by relying on strict qualifying criteria.

Why you should join Clipboard Health

At Clipboard Health (YC W17) we work with healthcare facilities such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, and rehab centers to provide on-demand nursing staff. We are a fully remote team that is humble and hardworking. We think this is the best way to improve a ton of lives. Nurses will have better schedules and shorter commutes, and patients will receive better care.

Clipboard Health
Team Size:600
Location:San Francisco
Wei Deng
Wei Deng