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Sales Manager

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6+ years
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About the role

About the Role:

The Sales Manager is a vital role in our organization, managing the exploratory business sales team, overseeing the success of this line of business by driving sales revenue, and creating a system/process for how we research new lines of business.


  • Develop a sales process and ensure the team adheres to it correctly
  • Develop a sales strategy to achieve organizational sales goals and revenues
  • Seek new and unique sales opportunities, breaking into new areas of business
  • Track and interpret sales figures and reporting
  • Recruit, develop, train, and retain an effective sales team to meet objectives for profitability and growth
  • Mentor sales team to increase productivity
  • Work with leadership and business partners to carry out sales office programs, policies, and objectives

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Why you should join Clipboard Health

At Clipboard Health (YC W17) we work with healthcare facilities such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, and rehab centers to provide on-demand nursing staff. We are a fully remote team that is humble and hardworking. We think this is the best way to improve a ton of lives. Nurses will have better schedules and shorter commutes, and patients will receive better care.

Clipboard Health
Team Size:500
Location:San Francisco
Wei Deng
Wei Deng