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Connects healthcare facilities with nurses nearby.

Senior Leadership Recruiter

Remote (US)
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3+ years
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About the role

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About the Role: The Leadership Recruiter at Clipboard Health is responsible for identifying, communicating, and recruiting candidates for leadership job openings at Clipboard Health. You will work with hiring managers, department staff, employment websites, internal sources, external sources, and candidates to ensure a quick and smooth hiring process for both Clipboard Health, potential candidates, and future team members.

You need to be able to accommodate USA time-zone hours.

In this role I….

  • Work with hiring managers to develop job descriptions and post job openings on various job boards and recruitment sources.
  • Develop recruiting processes to fit the needs of each job vacancy and department need. Work with internal team members to identify potential candidates from a pipeline and perform direct outreach to candidates.
  • Interview and evaluate potential candidates at various stages through the recruitment process including phone screens, assessment tools, video interviews, etc.
  • Work directly with candidates during the recruiting process and hiring process to keep them informed of the process and be their direct contact at Clipboard Health.

Why you should join Clipboard Health

At Clipboard Health (YC W17) we work with healthcare facilities such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, and rehab centers to provide on-demand nursing staff. We are a fully remote team that is humble and hardworking. We think this is the best way to improve a ton of lives. Nurses will have better schedules and shorter commutes, and patients will receive better care.

Clipboard Health
Team Size:600
Location:San Francisco
Wei Deng
Wei Deng