Eliminate Cloud Waste. Attribute and Track Savings. Engage Engineers.

Cloudthread is an analytics platform that helps engineering teams build cost efficiently in the cloud. We were behind Lyft's internal cloud cost management system and now we use that deep expertise to help organizations save hours of engineering time, reduce cloud bills, and prevent costly re-architectures.

Team Size:8
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Ilia Semenov

🚀ex-Lyft (2016-2020): Data Engineering + Cloud Cost Management 🎮ex-EA (2014-2016): Cloud Cost Management 🎓Carnegie Mellon University 🏡Saint-Petersburg, Russia 🌁San Francisco, USA

Ilia Semenov
Ilia Semenov

Company Launches

Hey YC! We're thrilled to announce the launch of Cloudthread Savings Hub, brought to you by @Ilia, @Daniele, and @Thomas! 🎉


Cloudthread Savings Hub empowers you to identify and eliminate wasted cloud spend, streamline optimization workflows, and maximize savings.

Discover optimization opportunities, prioritize based on expected savings and implementation complexity, gain detailed context, group and share through Jira and Slack, track progress, and analyze realized savings.

Supports AWS and GCP.

The Problem

Despite various tools, sources, and techniques to manage cloud costs, achieving actual savings remains challenging. Many tools are expensive and charge a percentage of your total bill.

The Solution

Cloudthread Savings Hub disrupts the market by offering a combination of product and services laser-focused on eliminating cloud waste. We aggregate cost savings insights from various sources (including native cloud provider data), enrich it with valuable context, and facilitate workflow creation to effectively implement recommendations. We charge a flat fee for our product and a percentage of savings for service engagements.

How It Works


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💰 For the next two weeks, find over $500 in monthly AWS savings with Cloudthread’s Savings Hub or receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card 🎁


Join us in revolutionizing cloud cost management with Cloudthread Savings Hub!

About Us

At @Cloudthread, we're committed to making cloud cost analytics accessible for businesses of all sizes. Our platform enables engineering teams to lower cloud costs easily and effectively. We've helped enterprises with 8-figure cloud bills, high-growth startups, and everything in between achieve cloud cost efficiency.

A few months ago, we launched our cloud cost saving services on Bookface for the YC community. Since then, we've helped companies reduce their AWS spend by 10-50%!

Our team has been working in cloud cost management since 2014. @Ilia Semenov managed cloud costs at Electronic Arts before leading Lyft's cloud cost management efforts ahead of their IPO, resulting in a 40% reduction in AWS spend (case study and AWS Re:Invent talk). Through Cloudthread, we've tackled cloud cost challenges across numerous AWS services.