CodeParrot AI

CodeParrot AI

Helps Developers build stunning UI Lightning Fast ⚡️

CodeParrot is a developer first design to code tool. It uses AI to convert components from Figma files / screenshots to production-ready code.

CodeParrot AI
Team Size:2
Location:Bengaluru, India
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Royal Jain

CEO at CodeParrot - Helps Developers build stunning UI Lightning Fast ⚡️ Royal is a software developer turned Entrepreneur. Previously, CTO of a startup with $7 million ARR, acquired by an edtech unicorn. He was the founding engineer at voice analytics company Deepaffects (acquired by RingCentral) after completing computer science graduation from IIT Bombay.

Vedant Agarwala

Engineering leader. Led backend and mobile teams at unicorn tech company Apna Jobs and scaled systems to handle 100 million daily requests. 2x founder, dropped out of college to start quick commerce platform Instano (acqui-hired by MagicTiger).

Vedant Agarwala
Vedant Agarwala
CodeParrot AI

Company Launches

tl;dr: If you want to build a good UI faster, then CodeParrot is the product for you. It’s a vscode plugin where you specify your Figma component, share your code preferences, and voila! Don’t skimp on a good user interface; it’s the first impression you don’t get to make twice! Try it here.

Hi, we are Royal and Vedant. We have worked as CTOs and EMs and started CodeParrot with a mission to improve developer productivity and happiness!

Royal (on the right) loves computer networking and building compilers. Talk to me about all things computer science and football (soccer for some of you)

Vedant (on the left) loves building efficient user interfaces and cryptography (eth) and has OCD with coding practices.

⚠️ Problem

Shipping fast often comes with cutting corners. When you cut too many corners, you end up going in circles. Just look at our old website

which we are now changing to

Building a really good-looking product is hard! And with so many products out there, the user expectations have never been higher.

⚡ Solution

CodeParrot converts Figma Designs and screenshots to production-ready code. Why choose us?

We understand Figma - we parse your Figma file to extract layout, style, and semantic information to give the most accurate results.

We know you have code preferences - specify how you like your code exactly. Only once.

We build on your existing work and reuse your existing components, libraries, and coding standards.

All aligned to a single goal to help developers build stunning UI lightning fast ⚡️

Getting started

Simply install the product from vscode marketplace. Join our discord for feature requests and more!

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