Add collaboration to your SaaS app.

Software Engineer

$85k - $135k / 1.00% - 3.00%
London, England, GB / Remote ()
Job Type
6+ years
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Namit Chadha
Namit Chadha

About the role

We're hiring a full-stack engineer to work on CollabKit.

The ideal candidate is self-motivated, driven and keen to work on growing an early-stage startup's product. This is especially suited to former founders, so bonus points if you have that experience.

We're a small but capable team, our product helps SaaS apps add collaboration with 1/100th of the effort it would take to build internally. We provide a customisable React SDK to do this. It's faster, better and cheaper than building internally.

We have a growing number of companies (including many YC startups) successfully using us since we launched earlier this year. And our team is comprised of highly-experienced Engineers and Designers from Meta, and Expo.

If you're looking to build out new product, ship frequently, work with talented peers and be part of a change in the way SaaS apps are being built you should get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Why you should join CollabKit

Team Size:3
Location:London, United Kingdom
Namit Chadha
Namit Chadha