Magical widget that makes any software way easier to use

Senior fullstack engineer at CommandBar

San Francisco
Job Type
3+ years
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Vinay Ayyala
Vinay Ayyala

About the role

Our customers rely on CommandBar to deliver a reliable and delightful experience for millions of end users. As a Senior fullstack Engineer at CommandBar, you'll be working alongside the founders on all facets of our product.

We've laid the foundations of a scale-ready product through infrastructure investments that allow us to ship quickly while ensuring robustness. Your projects will span new features to satisfy customer requests, retooling our infrastructure for future-proofing and DevEx, as well as embarking on some brand new product launches we have in the works.


  • React experience. Can be full-time professional experience or demonstrated via personal projects.
  • 3+ relevant engineering experience

Why you should join CommandBar

CommandBar builds a magical widget that any software company can embed in their app to enhance user experience.

Web apps have worked the same way for two decades: lots of clicking buttons and menus. You can probably remember an occasion when you spent way too much time trying to figure how to do something you knew was possible inside a web app. CommandBar is changing this: we make any app easy to use by letting users search for functionality when they want it. Want to edit your profile? No need to go on a scavenger hunt through the app. Open the command bar, search for “edit profile”, click return.

We empower millions of end users and work with customer-obsessed companies like Shortcut, LaunchDarkly, Gusto, OneSignal, and many others. We're proudly backed by Thrive Capital, YCombinator, BoxGroup, and world-class angels.