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3+ years
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Vinay Ayyala
Vinay Ayyala

About the role

At CommandBar, we believe in a world where the internet “just works” for every visitor, customer, and user. As the internet has become more powerful and crowded, it has become harder for everyone to use. And the solutions we’ve come up with to date — like irritating chatbots and pestering popups — end up being ignored or even annoying users more than they help.

We sell tools to software builders to help them make their software better for users. We call this our User Assistance Platform, and it comes in 2 pieces:

  • For product/growth teams — AI-assisted nudges to guide users in personalized ways that don’t annoy them. We do this by optimally delivering nudges based on in-product behavior not just static rules (leveraging AI) as well as measuring measuring and the extent to which users “rage close” nudges to avoid pestering them.
  • For customer support/CX teams — an AI chat agent that can answer users’ questions, perform actions for them, and even co-browse with them to teach your interface.

Freelance Content at CommandBar

We pride ourselves on building the least boring B2B blog in the world. Yes, really. See for yourself.

Our articles range from educational how-tos, war stories from building a company used by 20M+ end-users, and case studies on how popular tech products grow.

Check out some of our content:

Now we're looking for a freelance content writer to help us turbo charge how much content we write so that more humans can benefit from it.

What we're looking for

  • Come up with topic ideas for what we should be writing (bonus points if you can think of distribution angles for them)
  • Write 1-2 editorial/opinion articles per week
  • Experience publishing with Ghost
  • Someone who’s witty and a little cheeky with their words and knows to throw in a little humor to make a point.

What we're NOT looking for

  • SEO content writers. We do a lot of SEO, too, but this role is 100% focused on editorial (mostly top-of-the-funnel) content.

Skills and experience

  • Ability and experience writing clear, compelling editorial articles on topics like startups, growth, product, UX, and AI.
  • Be "in the know" when it comes to startup/tech trends. Our audience is very tech-savy, so we expect you to be following the news/trend cycle. You notice and take advantage of the stuff you’re seeing across Twitter/X, HackerNews, Reddit, etc to write content relevant to our audiences.

About the interview

First, you’ll complete an application and include some writing samples. Please provide a link to a writing sample you think is most relevant to the type of work you’d do at CommandBar.

Next, we’ll ask you to complete a (paid) project that will involve some sample writing.

About CommandBar

Our goal at CommandBar is to improve how software works for everyone. We build a widget that any software company can embed in their app to enhance user experience, making it easier and faster for users to get stuff done.

We serve millions of end users monthly and work with customer-obsessed companies like ClickUp, Gusto, Netlify, AngelList, Shortcut, OneSignal, and many others. We're proudly backed by Thrive Capital, YCombinator, BoxGroup, and world-class angels.

Team Size:22
Location:San Francisco
Vinay Ayyala
Vinay Ayyala
James Evans
James Evans
Richard Freling
Richard Freling