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Modern landline and voice services

Senior Backend Engineer (Python, Django)

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6+ years
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About the role

You will be working with our founder and product team (including five other engineers, two senior designers, and a project manager) to build the first full-service API to provision phone numbers and onboard modern voice features (like credit card processing via phone or a crowdsourced real-time spam-call filter). These projects use events only a carrier can get. We process millions of minutes of phone conversations per week, growing about 25% Month over month.

We build modern landlines for businesses and families.

Responsibilities (can be some):

  • Help maintain Django services that touch interfaces in telecom (Bandwidth, T-Mobile, AT&T, CLECs)
  • Drive best practices and architecture design
  • Help design APIs so existing apps (like CRMs) can use voice and message data
  • Ultimately, design a system to learn and change a business’s call flow to optimize for e-commerce goals like order creation
  • Understanding that the value of what we create is in how it’s used by our staff or customers. Not simply the technological contribution


  • You have a strong knowledge of Python 3, Django, PostgreSQL, Docker.
  • You are highly curious and almost fearless when it comes to writing software and bringing organization to the wild west of old school carriers and cable companies... someone who wants to find out what is really going on and wants to make a huge impact.
  • Strong verbal and written communication in English.
  • You know what it means to join a fast-growing startup.

About the interview

Below is what to expect in our interview process. If you have questions, email us at

Initial interview

This stage is a more informal call to get to know more about the role, and for you to evaluate whether it’s a good fit for you. We are looking for people who know what it means to join a fast-growing startup and who want to make a huge impact.

You’re welcome to ask lots of questions about whether working at Community Phone makes sense for you. The conversation will cover some light technical discussion about your past projects. Mostly, we want to know that you can code and ship fairly involved systems.

Technical interview

We will tell you about our architecture and will ask lots of technical questions. Also, we expect questions from you :)

Final Interview

If everything went well during the first two meetings, we schedule a final interview where you will talk with our CEO James Graham.

Job offer

After the final interview, our team will take some time for analyzing feedbacks. If we conclude that you're a good fit for us, you will receive a job offer!

Why you should join Community Phone Company

Community Phone Company YC W19 built a simple cloud phone system for businesses that don't operate a call center.

Our solution lets a business get all modern voice features (re-route if busy, greeting menu and IVR, programmable caller ID, cloud voicemail, etc) on their existing office phone and existing employee cell phones. All employees onboard instantly, no wifi required, no app to download. Businesses should not be missing out on orders because they can only take one call at a time, and they shouldn't need an IT person in order to get a modern business phone system.

Community Phone Company
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James Graham
James Graham