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About the role

About Us:

Community Phone is using the landline as a wedge to blast the telecommunications industry wide open.

Turns out landlines aren’t dead. 10M+ small businesses depend on them, alongside the 30M+ consumers for whom the landline is the most dependable technology around. We are bringing the internet into the phone, enabling consumers and businesses to use VoIP features previously reserved for the tech-savvy.

In 2021 we grew from 5 full-time employees to over 25, growing our sales team from 1 to 8. Our investors include Y-Combinator, Canaan, and Justin Kan. We’re thrilled to be opening up more seats on this bullet train - and as our Sales Recruiter, you will be a key figure in expanding us even more.

About The Role:

You will be in charge of sourcing international talent for our sales teams. You will report directly to our Director of Sales. Your responsibilities include:

  • Sourcing talent internationally (our sales team is currently distributed across the Caribbean, Philippines, and Africa)
  • Conducting first-round interviews and only passing along the most qualified candidates

You will be evaluated based on the number of leads generated that result in retained hires. You must hire within our pre-specified price range.

Before this you:

  • Worked as a recruiter for inbound and outbound sales roles + BDRs

We're thrilled to meet you (no matter where you reside)!

Why you should join Community Phone Company

Community Phone Company YC W19 built a simple cloud phone system for businesses that don't operate a call center.

Our solution lets a business get all modern voice features (re-route if busy, greeting menu and IVR, programmable caller ID, cloud voicemail, etc) on their existing office phone and existing employee cell phones. All employees onboard instantly, no wifi required, no app to download. Businesses should not be missing out on orders because they can only take one call at a time, and they shouldn't need an IT person in order to get a modern business phone system.