Concord Materials

Automating procurement for construction companies

React Intern

$20k - $50k
Austin, TX, US / New York, NY, US
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Anthony Valente
Anthony Valente

About the role

Role: Build cool user-centric features while working with a great team and learning a lot.

Tech stack: at least some experience in React; experience in others is nice to have

  • React - we use hooks + redux
  • Ionic
  • Capacitor / other mobile hybrid app generators (i.e. Cordova, PhoneGap)
  • Figma
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Some React experience building dynamic front ends with great user experiences
  • Ability to work independently and break down larger tasks into subtasks, ask questions to clarify and better understand
  • Mock-up a low-fidelity draft, ask for feedback and then build and iterate
  • Focus on proper coding style, especially single responsibility and DRY principles
  • Using good testing principles to automatically check use-cases are still handled after code changes

Location preference: Fully remote is fine but we have developers in the following locations already

  1. Austin
  2. NYC
  3. SF
  4. LA
  • Company off-sites 2x per year (Austin, NYC, the Hamptons)

Why you should join Concord Materials

Fintech-enabled marketplace with automation tools for purchasing raw materials backed by YC and top VCs - firstminute, NFX, FJ Labs, and J Ventures

Concord Materials
Team Size:7
Location:New York
Anthony Valente
Anthony Valente