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Senior Campaigns Manager

$135k - $170k
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3+ years
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About the role

About the role

The Senior Campaigns Manager is an individual contributor role, responsible for creating and executing multi-channel campaigns that drive measurable engagement with ICP prospects. The Senior Campaigns Manager will work most closely with colleagues in marketing, sales and customer success to increase campaign effectiveness and reach. Our Senior Campaigns Manager will:

  • Lead the end-to-end orchestration of targeted, multi-channel campaigns that create engagement and guide our best prospects through their learning and buyer journey

  • Align the content calendar toward campaign requirements in order to engage with ICP prospects with the right message at the right time.

  • Identify and leverage a mix of organic and paid channels to create opportunities for prospects to engage online and offline at every step of their buying journey

  • Establish, then iterate and improve upon how Convictional measures the success of integrated marketing campaigns

  • Be responsible for marketing influenced and sourced demand generation leading to a  predictable pipeline of qualified meetings with our sales team

About you

  • 5+ years of individual contributor experience marketing B2B SaaS solutions

  • 3+ years of individual contributor experience running integrated marketing campaigns, providing you with expert level knowledge of demand gen. channels and tactics

  • Well versed in analyzing performance at a tactic level, with experience testing and iterating with new channels and content types to maximize overall campaign ROI.

  • History of effectively working closing with a high performance sales team, including business development representatives and account executives.


  • $135,000 - $170,000 salary

  • $147,125-$228,480 in stock options

  • WFH stipend, learning stipend, wellness stipend, and other programs to encourage holistic wellness.

  • 3 weeks paid vacation + one week shut down at the end of the year


Your location of employment will be your home office, however you will be expected to travel within North America roughly once per quarter to effectively carry out your responsibilities.

We are only prepared to hire candidates currently living in Canada and the United States and are unable to consider other international applicants.

About the interview

Our interview process involves a screen, followed by 3 longer team interviews, and finally a founder interview. We will update you as soon as we come to a decision after each round. Details on this process are as follows:

  • Screen: a 20 minute exploratory interview with the primary hiring manager for the role. This helps us to mutually assess fit and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about Convictional.

  • Work assignment: most processes will include a 60 minute assignment modeling something you’d be working on in the role. You’ll review this in your team interviews.

  • Gauntlet: a series of three 40-minute interviews with potential team members. This helps us to assess your strengths, how you work, and learn about your experiences. This will also serve as an introduction to some of your potential team members.

  • Founder Interview: a 20 minute interview with one of our founders. This will give you the opportunity to ask any lingering questions you have about Convictional.

  • Reference checks, then offer!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Why you should join Convictional

Convictional is a Y Combinator-backed start-up building an industry-leading solution for B2B trade. We exist to make trade easier for retailers and their suppliers in B2B transactions by automating the labor-intensive supplier integration, onboarding, and merchandising process.

Each year, trillions of dollars worth of B2B trade is transacted using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). EDI is difficult for modern businesses to work with — it takes three months on average for retailers to onboard a single supplier. Convictional is changing that.

Our Supplier Enablement Platform enables retailers and marketplaces to onboard, integrate, and transact with all of their suppliers. Convictional's API-driven infrastructure is used by large retailers like Staples, Indigo, Harry Rosen, and brands like Caraway and Detox Market. We recently raised a $40 million Series B financing round to scale our impact to even more companies.

Convictional's platform is informed by thousands of hours of customer consultation and a deep appreciation for both the buyer and seller perspectives. We are continuing to learn about the massive value to be unlocked from all types of B2B trade, including marketplace, dropship and wholesale. We’re aiming at theoretical maximums, not feature-completeness, and intend to bring as many businesses along with us as we can.

Taking a new approach to an old problem is nothing special. Our team, and how we engage with each other, is. Our team is ambitious, biased towards action, and embodies kindness. We take a learning first approach and feel responsible for fully exploring the best customer-focused solutions. We value thoughtful debate and, at our core, live by four values: Focused Intensity, Learning Velocity, Long Term Thinking, and Kindness.

We are a fully distributed team with people located across Canada and the US. Your time is your most valuable resource, so you set your hours. If you’d rather work at 10pm instead of 10am, we’re cool with that. We use email, not Slack. Meetings are infrequent so we can focus on doing deep work. We expect you to invest in sustainable work practices, go to coaching or therapy at least occasionally, and adhere to 10% compound time so that you can scale your impact.

We are determined every day to pioneer infrastructure that will move trillions of dollars worth of B2B trade. We welcome those who want to join us.

Team Size:55
Location:Toronto, Canada
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Chris Grouchy
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Roger Kirkness