Price Optimization for subscription and usage-based companies

Lead Engineer at Corrily

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Abel Riboulot
Abel Riboulot

About the role


Corrily (YC W21) is building price optimization as a service. We're quants and portfolio managers who have read too much Miéville to keep on working for the dark side. We thought all the cool tech built in finance could be used to make prices adapt to folks' capacity and willingness to pay, and it turned out companies wanted that too. We're looking for a lead engineer to join us. Our ideal profile is an opinionated and experienced engineer who can set up a K8S cluster to serve an ML model in the morning and figure out how to scrape the pricing pages of every crunchbase company in the afternoon.

Must have

  • Want to build something from the ground up. We started recently, serve millions of requests a day, and everything is held up together with Duct Tape and WD-40. We want you to work with us to develop our service and constantly look for the next big thing.
  • Be independent and ready to come up with and own large projects and key parts of our infra.
  • Be capable of building fast scalable services.
  • Be ready to touch every aspect of our stack. We do not require you to be a data-scientist, back-end and front-end engineer coming in, but if you refuse to touch anything that is not a back-end service written in Rust, it's going to be tough!
  • Prefer practical solutions to cool ones. Sure we can set up a spark cluster for our new API from day 1, but if we have 2 customers on it and are not sure whether it will be a success or not it's better to keep things simple.


  • Interest or experience in data-science
  • We do not require specific languages. Our stack right now is a collection of Python services being run on GCP, with a front end in Typescript / JS in Next.js. For languages we have a preference for Python, Scala, Rust, Kotlin or Node, but if you are more comfortable with Haskell, Java, or something else, we're flexible!

How to apply

Email us at jobs [at]

Why you should join Corrily

Corrily is building price optimization as a service. Our clients use us to dynamically find the best price and discounts to show their users. A student in a campus in Russia will not have the same willingness and capacity to pay as a senior engineer in San-Francisco, and we believe that showing them the same price is suboptimal. By adjusting prices and discounts, we are able to open up more services to more people. Companies benefit from higher revenues, and a wider audience gains access to otherwise too expensive services. We're made of ex-quants and portfolio manager, both raised in leftist families. We brought this duplicity to the company. We're a weird mix of Marx and Hayek. With both founders being technical, we're very product-focused and fiercely independent. We value people who are self-starters, understand a subject matter, run with it and own the outcome.