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Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA (Remote)
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3+ years
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Anish Dhar
Anish Dhar

About the role

At Cortex, we’re on a mission to usher in the next era of software engineering.

Software is eating the world – as every company becomes a software company, the way we build software is due for a transformation. Modern architectures are complex – every product has hundreds of components, including microservices, batch jobs, and data pipelines. As engineers, we waste countless hours updating spreadsheets, digging through confluence pages when we're paged at 2am, and trying to grok services named after Game of Thrones characters. Engineering leaders are in the dark about the quality of the software their teams are building and where they should be investing. We think it’s time to empower engineering teams to focus on building and make it easier to create reliable, high quality software.

This is a high impact role

Cortex is the leader in a brand new market. We’ve more than doubled our revenue every quarter this year, and we work with stellar teams like Opendoor, SoFi, Grammarly and Rappi. We’ve raised from top investors like Sequoia Capital and YCombinator, giving us the resources to build a transformational product and capture a massive market opportunity. As a software engineer working on a product that’s meant for developers, you’ll have the opportunity to have a massive impact on not only solving complex technical problems as we continue to scale rapidly, but also the product direction and engineering culture.

In this role, you’ll be expected to:

  • Understand the architecture, technical challenges, and how they affect our customers

  • Build new features and integrations (Kotlin, Typescript), language components for Cortex Query Language (our user-facing DSL built with ANTLR), and improve existing features as we scale

  • Help define the engineering process and culture

  • Use your own experience as an engineer to help guide the product vision

Your experience

You’re the perfect candidate for this role if:

  • You believe in high ownership and autonomy

  • Have designed and implemented complex features from start to finish

  • Have lead projects which involved multiple engineers

  • You prioritize customer experience and value, and care about the “why”

  • You have a deep belief in investing in our technical foundations instead of shipping hacky code, think that tests are equally if not more important than the business logic, and care about choosing the right tool for the job instead of the shiny new thing

Interview Process

We believe in an interview process that shows your merit as an engineer, not a Leetcode grinding machine. We also want to value your time.


[30 minutes] Intro call with one of the founders

[45 min - 1hr] Technical phone screen with an engineer

[3 hrs] Onsite interview

[1 hr] Technical: Coding + Product round

[1 hr] Technical: System design

[1 hr] Final interview with our CEO

Receive an offer!

Meet the entire team, talk to key individuals, and hopefully, join the team :)

Why you should join Cortex

What is Cortex?

Cortex helps engineering teams understand and improve their services. By aggregating data from tools like Datadog and Okta, we help teams understand their architecture at a glance – everything from ownership to runbooks. Using this data, we enable engineers to build report cards that score services against initiatives and service quality standards, helping teams build high quality software and instill a culture of quality.

Why join us?

The tools teams use today (excel sheets and confluence) are cumbersome and rudimentary - we’re on a mission to create a new category of engineering tooling, to solve the organizational complexity of microservices.

We're a fast growing, Sequoia+YC backed startup. You'll have real ownership over our product and direction – there's no doubt you'll be making an outsized impact on our trajectory. As market creators, we have several interesting engineering and product challenges to solve, and your input will directly influence the direction of the company.

Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco
Ganesh Datta
Ganesh Datta
Anish Dhar
Anish Dhar
Nikhil Unni
Nikhil Unni