Corvus Robotics

Autonomous drones to help warehouses scan inventory.

Lead Autonomy Software Engineer

$170k - $230k / 0.50% - 2.00%
Job Type
3+ years
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Jonathan Sandau
Jonathan Sandau
Chief Software Architect

About the role

Hi! We’re hiring a Senior Autonomy Engineer specializing in VIO/VI-SLAM to work directly with our CTO building up our vision-based indoor autonomy stack. Our drones and robots help warehouses manage inventory, powered by our state-of-the-art autonomy engine. They operate 24x7 without any human intervention, running every day in customer warehouses and factories around the country.

We're looking for someone who loves early-stage startups, working on a small and close-knit engineering team, and can help lead complex projects from start to finish. If you are interested in working on challenging visual-inertial localization problems which form the basis for safety-critical autonomy -- with rapid and continuous feedback from a fleet of field-deployed robots -- this role is for you!

We’re Corvus Robotics, a Y Combinator and VC-backed startup, building robots that help warehouses and factories automate inventory visibility. We built Corvus One, the world’s first infrastructure-free, fully autonomous warehouse drone system. We have large customer contracts waiting for us to fulfill, are comfortably funded, and have clear metrics to hit next year for the next round. We sell logistics robotics, AI software, and data-driven supply chain insights to dozens of customer facilities in North America.

This is an opportunity to join a core team building for one of the world's largest markets for indoor robotics: inventory management. Warehouses touch every physical object around you, from the personal items you own to the building itself, and inventory management is a core process every warehouse and factory does globally. You should have at least several years of experience putting visual-inertial localization (VIO/VISLAM) systems onto production robots or resource-constrained edge devices (e.g AR/VR headsets, mobile phones), architecting and implementing ideas which go beyond academic state-of-the-art, and mentoring and helping lead a small team.

Research from Harvard shows women and URM might doubt themselves when applying -- so if you’re worried about applying, apply anyway and let us do the worrying! We strive to meet your needs at the workplace.


  • Fully remote ok -- our office is in Mountain View, CA
  • 4+ years in visual-inertial odometry/SLAM, having put it into production
  • Experience with camera/IMU models and calibration
  • Expertise in
    • C++
    • Git
    • Linux
    • OpenCV
    • Nonlinear optimization with GTSAM, Ceres Solver, g2o or similar
  • Has led a small team with check-ins, communicating status with rest of leadership
  • Has led/architected a SLAM system from initial proof of concept to production shipping
  • Has worked at an early stage startup before (<25 people), enjoyed it, and wants to do it again

Preferred (but not necessary):

  • Performance engineering, SIMD-oriented programming (SSE, AVX)
  • PyTorch or other deep-learning training frameworks
  • Intel OpenVINO or other deep-learning inference acceleration frameworks
  • Experience with PX4 or similar deeply-embedded middleware, or bare-metal embedded systems
  • BS in Computer Science, Aerospace/Aeronautics, Robotics or similar (NOT a requirement)

Why you should join Corvus Robotics

We've built the world's first Level 4 autonomy for indoor drones, helping warehouses automate inventory scans for the $30B missing in their facilities every year. Come help us build the best indoor autonomous drones in history!

Corvus Robotics
Team Size:14
Location:Mountain View
Jonathan Sandau
Jonathan Sandau
Chief Software Architect
Jackie Wu
Jackie Wu