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Business Development Intern

$65k - $75k / 0.00% - 0.00%
New York, NY / London, UK / Remote (United States/United Kingdom)
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Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Tom Firth
Tom Firth

About the role


  • You’ll be a business development Intern for Cotera, helping us determine our ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), find individuals that fit those customer profiles, and help us target them.
  • You’ll work with Tom and Ibby (the company’s founders) on a regular basis, helping them find product-market fit by running experiments with outbound marketing and sales campaigns.
  • You’ll be working hourly, on a timeframe that fits your schedule - we know you have school and other commitments, and we don’t want to take you away from that.
  • You’ll get to learn and create our outbound sales motion - this not only means learning and understanding the appropriate tooling, but also coming up with experiments you yourself might want to run.
  • Time permitting, we’re open to having you help us in other ways as well, specifically in the area of business operations.


  • You should crave ownership - remember, we’re not hiring you just for your technical experience. We fully expect you to take the things you learn from conversations in meetings with us or with customers and come up with things to test and build because you think they will either (A.) make for a much better customer experience or (B.) make for a more useful product.
  • You like learning - with the above point, the only way we can continue to grow is if our appetite for learning new things is large. Small companies come with their set of challenges, and scaling them is no small feat. This means that we can’t be hung up on certain ways of thinking, but instead making sure that we’re aligned on core fundamentals and coming up with innovative and new solutions to apply them.
  • You move quickly and are outcomes driven - we believe that experimenting and taking risks to test new ideas quickly is the best way of making sure you’re learning quickly. Your goals should be to test quickly and deploy your hypothesis in order to understand if they are correct or not.


  • You’ve got a cursory familiarity with how sales and marketing processes work.
  • You understand what a CRM is used for (We use Hubspot).
  • You’re a thorough but succinct writer — you’ll be helping craft messaging, and the challenge is always trying to get the point across both effectively but quickly.
  • You’ve read about startups and how fast moving and unstructured they can be.


  • Competitive salary (we benchmark on a full-time SDR role in New York, and do not make regional adjustments)
  • Equipment budget
  • Opportunity to travel to work in person. We don’t have an office, but we regularly meet up in the US or somewhere in Europe.
  • A chance to design benefits for future employees and yourself :)


Why you should join Cotera

Cotera is building the world’s first prescriptive analytics platform that helps businesses discover how customer behavior predicts growth and retention. Unlike traditional analytics tools, we automatically surface the most interesting insights in our customers data, and allow them to take action based on the findings.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Tom Firth
Tom Firth