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Frontend Engineer

$150k - $200k / 1.00% - 2.00%
New York, NY / London, UK / Remote (New York, NY/London, UK)
Job Type
3+ years
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Tom Firth
Tom Firth

About the role


  • You’ll be a frontend engineer for Cotera, responsible for the evolution of our React web app in response to our customers’ needs. You will be involved in listening to customers, working with the founders on direction, and execution.
  • You’ll come to the table with ideas on what tasks and activities to do (and how to prioritize them) in order to make our product better for our customers.
  • You’ll be involved in helping us make business decisions - while you won’t be expected to do the legwork for things like sales, we value your thoughts and we want your help making Cotera one of the world’s best companies.
  • You will own our frontend application and ensure it evolves so that it’s fast, responsive and beautiful as we grow. Right now we use tools like React, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, MobX and GraphQL, but you’ll have a big impact on this over time.
  • You will actively help in hiring and mentoring engineering hires, and shape the future of Cotera’s technology culture.


  • You should crave ownership - remember, we’re not hiring you just for your technical experience. We fully expect you to take the things you learn from conversations in meetings with us or with customers and come up with things to test and build because you think they will either (A.) make for a much better customer experience or (B.) make for a more useful product.
  • You’re able to work in a diverse environment where the target shifts every so often. We’re a fast growing company, we’re well funded and we have customers, but we’d be lying if we didn’t expect small paradigm shifts to our business this early in our path. Things are going to be a bit nebulous, and we’ll work together to cut through the noise and make sure we’re operating in an efficient manner that’s aligned to customer needs.
  • You like learning - with the above point, the only way we can continue to grow is if our appetite for learning new things is large. Small companies come with their set of challenges, and scaling them is no small feat. This means that we can’t be hung up on certain ways of thinking, but instead making sure that we’re aligned on core fundamentals and coming up with innovative and new solutions to apply them.
  • You move quickly and are outcomes driven - we believe that experimenting and taking risks to test new ideas quickly is the best way of making sure you’re learning quickly. Your goals should be to test quickly and deploy your hypothesis in order to understand if they are correct or not.


  • A few years of experience as a frontend engineer working on SaaS applications.
  • You are almost certainly a TypeScript expert but we love engineers with broad taste in programming languages.
  • You are an expert in React and should be very confident writing strongly typed functional components, hooks, etc.
  • You have a good understanding of the javascript ecosystem and common parts of a toolchain. For example, you might know a lot bout webpack, esbuild, nx, or the ES standard.
  • You understand how the web works at a high level - for example you should understand things like HTTP, TCP, CORS, XSS and REST.
  • You have some exposure to server side programming. Our GraphQL API is written in TypeScript and so is our frontend - being able to cross the boundary from time to time would be helpful.


  • Competitive salary (we benchmark for NYC and London, and do not make regional adjustments)
  • Employer-sponsored health insurance plans
  • 401k/Pension with 4% match
  • Unlimited time off (which we structure to incentivize you to use)
  • Equipment budget
  • Opportunity to travel on a regular basis to work in person with founders. We don’t have an office, but we regularly meet up in the US or somewhere in Europe.
  • A chance to design benefits for future employees and yourself :)

About the interview

There are three stages to our hiring process.

  1. Phone Screen - this is a call with the founders to get to know each other and figure out if there is a potential fit.
  2. Technical - this will be a call where we work through a problem together to understand how you write and think about code.
  3. In person - this is an informal in person meeting to really get to know each other!

The in person stage may take a little bit of time to organise, especially if we need to travel to meet you! It's important to us to get to know the people joining us early on in our journey though.

Why you should join Cotera

Cotera is building the world’s first prescriptive analytics platform that helps businesses discover how customer behavior predicts growth and retention. Unlike traditional analytics tools, we automatically surface the most interesting insights in our customers data, and allow them to take action based on the findings.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Tom Firth
Tom Firth